Tragedy Strikes the Haunt Community

4230216_1429329455.5648As we all know, the dedicated people who make up the actors, builders, and organizers of haunted houses are all part of a community. Although our geographic distances may be far away from each other, we all have a deep commitment to this rather bizarre world of unsettling scares and creative creeps that we pour our hearts into.

So when we hear about something as tragic as an entire haunt being wiped out, it affects us all.

Shattered Nightmares Haunted House (, of Terre Haute, IN, recently experienced a devastating loss when their entire warehouse was consumed by a fire. The authorities are investigating arson as one of the possible causes. Everything from props to safety lights was destroyed.

Those of us involved with Halloween and haunt productions know how incredibly hard we all work, putting not only time and money into our creations, but also our energy and spirit. Shattered Nightmares has a GoFundMe page set up and while other haunts and prop companies have contributed, they still have far to go in order to even get close to reaching their fundraising goals.

Should you find yourself with a couple of extra dollars this paycheck, please consider donating a few their way. Every little bit helps.


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