This Guy Built a Dark Haunt Ride In His Garage

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Mystic Motel was built in the desert in 1955 until it was abandoned sometime in the 70’s. They say the spot of leisure was a host to nefarious activities, but most frightening of all was the motel’s basement — a claustrophobia inducing space that allows you to peek into the disturbed motel itself.

In actuality, Mystic Motel is a ride car attraction featuring a steel track, built in Scott D’Avanzo’s two-car garage in Ladera Ranch, CA. Using mostly personal funds combined with a Kickstarter campaign, D’Avanzo outfitted the space with Halloween props and used a scooter motor to create a car just like you’d see in an amusement park. He charged a modest $1 for tickets.

What’s even cooler is that this is Scott’s first year doing this, having built the attraction in three months. Click the video below to see a slideshow of the building process:

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