There’s A Zombie Bar Near FrightProps?

grantsucksOur infamous fabricator, Grant

It almost sounds too perfect to be real, doesn’t it? But as they say, truth is often stranger than fiction.

Comically, after spending a long day building air-powered zombie props, messing with halloween skeletons, and sending bloody taxidermy props to haunted houses, a few of us like to head about a half a mile away and stare at zombie movies while enjoying a fine refreshment. Predictably, we’re becoming regulars.


Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den, owned by Leslie Bock, is a classy and comfortable establishment paying homage to a topic that’s very dear to us: zombies and horror movies. Homemade zombie killing instruments sit framed above the urinal in a steely, institutional looking bathroom while a fake chainsaw sits mounted next to the entrance door. Dressed in white shirts and red ties, the work uniform worn by Simon Pegg in “Shawn of the Dead”, bartenders move from one end of the bar to the other beneath their own freaky taxidermy props.


But make no mistake – Donnie Dirk’s is no gimmick, still retaining the staples that make for a desirable drinking destination. Numerous tap beers, bottles, and quality craft cocktails are dispensed to oddball patrons throughout the evening as they relax harder than the undead with movies like “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” and “Night of the Living Dead” playing on TVs overhead.

chainsawzombie killers

And should the urge to consume rotting flesh consume you, well, you’re out of luck. However, recently they launched a mobile food truck, Undead Frank’s, which sits right next door waiting for the chance to cram your face full of crinkle cut fries, Voodoo Zombie Bites, and tasty “melties” – which are sort of like a hybrid of a philly and a burrito.

undead frnks


So while FrightProps, the greatest Halloween prop company ever to inhabit the galaxy, may not be properly equipped to handle a ton of guests at our shop, at least we’ve got something representing us zombie prop nerds down the road.

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