The Old Warehouse and New Scary Props

FrightProps has gone through a number of changes over the years. Five different locations amongst three different states – Colorado, Minnesota, and Florida. While we have all sorts of ancient prototypes and relics from the old days scattered around the shop, we don’t have a ton of pictures of the past.

And you’re about to see why.



Yep. That’s our buddy, Scott, doing what he does best: immersing himself in a gigantic pile of junk. Back in those days, he was constantly caked in fake blood and latex – almost to the point where his clothes were falling off from the weight of the substances. One can only assume that they were trying to desperately flee the scene.

Regardless of the mess, he made a lot of cool stuff and is responsible for some of our best selling props.

22039_333929752368_2665236_n 22039_333929727368_7390652_nFrightProps’ Bull Head Prop and Dead Cat Prop


While we didn’t banish Scott from crafting props, gradually his other talents were tapped for other good uses – his art-brain makes our catalog and graphics and his endless patience puts him in the front and center of customer service.

But the name of the company is, in fact, FrightProps. What are we without a plethora of new and scary things that are totally unique to our company?

Enter Christian Hanson: a brilliant sculptor we’ve recently enlisted to help us out with some new creations. He’s talented to the point where making this blog post, I actually feared pulling up his work because I knew I’d have to only choose a few of his pieces to showcase on this blog.


734796_10151443291329797_500718692_n 1407_39444324796_4941_n25201_386010714796_3520270_n 31283_399131884796_7562273_n                  Left to Right: Zombie Sarah Palin, Bogman Mask, Space Vampire, Conjoined Twin Skull


Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to be working with him. So keep your eyes on this blog and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the upcoming madness we’ll be unveiling soon.

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 3.19.23 PM

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  1. Aaron garrand says:

    Looking great guys!

  2. briand says:

    cant wait… You guys always come up with the best ideas FIRST!!!!!

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