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Five Home Haunts from 2013 Will Blow Your Mind

Car chases, explosions, crazy effects – let’s face it, we all love a good Hollywood blockbuster. Despite our widespread fandom, everyone still recognizes the importance of independent films that captivate and inspire us in ways that the mainstream moneymakers aren’t able to.

Halloween haunts fall under the same rule. We adore our giant animatronics, large casts of characters, expansive mazes, and decked-out warehouses, but almost more impressive are the smaller operations that manage to stick with you as you gaze to the skies, dreaming about what they’d come up with if they had the same spending power as the big leagues.

Unfortunately, we may never know. Regardless, us goofballs here at FrightProps decided to put together a short list of home and yard haunts in 2013 that manage to put some of the professionals to shame.



Scabtree2 Scabtree
Images from Hellizondo Haunt


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