Spotlight: When Hinges Creak, Haunted House Hardware!

When people ask me what I do, the response is always the same – “wow, I guess I never thought about the fact that these haunted houses have to buy their stuff from somewhere.” What we do here at FrightProps is certainly a niche market. Selling haunted house supplies from vampire teeth to motion platforms definitely isn’t a common line of work.

But what people are even more surprised by is the amount of small business we work with and the markets that they specifically cater to! So it’s not just selling haunted house supplies or Halloween decorations for parties – it’s selling giant insect props for a jungle haunt or in the case of our friends at When Hinges Creek, it’s selling both new-looking and grimey, rusted hardware for set and scenery design.


gear prophinge prop

For example, say you’re building a casket for a vampire room – not a functional one (hopefully), but something that looks convincing enough while still fitting your budget. While you may be able to get the general structure of it down, there’s some key details that you’re either going to omit or go crazy as you figure out a way to hand-carve them. Or, you chill for a minute and buy a resin casket handle made by When Hinges Creak.

casket handle

But wait! There’s more!

Seriously though, there’s more. Tons of them, actually. Light-up elevator panels, gears, freezer hinges, pipe flanges, valve handles, and all sorts of padlocks. So no more sweating and freaking out or worse – robbing morgues or scavenging through demolished buildings and contracting tetanus.


Why are we telling you all this stuff about When Hinges Creak when we’re FrightProps? Because, you goof – we’re carrying all of this stuff and we couldn’t be more proud. They’re high quality, too. Sorted and separated them all myself. Durable, detailed, and super useful if you’re into making your own environment props and crafting your own scenes. Not me, though, the last thing impressive thing I made was some brisket for a sandwich. Now get to the product page and take a look around bask in the glory of FrightProps, providing you with every last weird thing you need for your haunted attraction.

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  1. ken says:

    what hinges, locks do i use to make a book look ancient?

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