Scott and Kathleen Tie The Knot!

scott and kathleen2

Speaking for myself, it was probably one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to – and not because I was officiating it! From the gory cupcakes to the taco bar, the food was fantastic. And the entertainment, provided by a genuine mariachi trio and a friend of ours working the DJ station, certainly made for the perfect unconventional wedding that was just normal enough to make all the non-haunters happy. Of course, the generous open bar certainly helped as well.



mariachi trio

In addition to having tremendous hearts for their family and friends, Scott and Kathleen are also huge parts of the FrightProps anatomy. As you may have gleaned from meeting her and our prior posts, Kathleen is the the Mother Brain of the warehouse – an encyclopedia of product locations, specifications, and accompanying accessories while Scott provides the nimble fingers and artist hands, doing our catalog and contributing art to our website/marketing materials.

Needless to say, it was an honor to witness these two awesome freaks combine forces to become the ultimate mutant tag team of haunters. So much so that even some of our more “unkempt” members of the staff managed to cram themselves into some formalwear.

john grantAnd yes, folks – that is a REAL tie featuring all four members of the band KISS. And had you been at the wedding, you would know that Grant wearing that ridiculous tie wasn’t even noteworthy compared to the kind of weird stuff we’re into.



Always proud of the fact that we’re knee deep in haunted house props 98% of the year, we managed to incorporate some of our favorite props into the wedding’s photo-booth. While there were hundreds of pictures taken, the a few pretty choice shots managed to come from our friend, Theresa, who is quite the horror enthusiast herself and is responsible for screening some pretty demented films through her brainchild, Trash Film Debauchery.theresatheresa


As for the more “normal” pictures that you see here, Scott and Kathleen managed to secure a pretty excellent team of sisters who specialize in wedding photography, operating under the name Sweet Sisters. Needless to say, they seemed pretty happy about shooting such an interesting group of people and the managed to wrangle us into looking like fairly functional adults.



Well, kinda. In any case, congratulations to two of the finest human-ish creatures we’ve ever met, Scott and Kathleen!

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  1. Lisa @ Maple Grove Cemetery says:

    How adorable! Congrats to them both!

  2. Rich N says:

    Congratulations to Scott and Kathleen!

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