Our New Catalog Cover Models!

Alright, folks! The time has come for us to announce the three randomly-chosen winners of our ‪#‎Frightface‬ catalog contest! Give a big congratulations to our new 2016 catalog models:


From left to right:
Gabriel Serrano (Newton, KS)
Ricky Dick (Monessen, PA)
Vanessa James (Los Angeles, CA)

Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted your freaked out face to us! Keep your eyes on our page for more chances to win some weird and wild contests throughout the year!

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Be our 2016 catalog cover model! #FrightFace


With more spooky props and devious devices than ever, our new 2016 catalog is almost complete! But there’s a problem: we need someone or SOMETHING to be our creeped-out cover model!


  • FIRST: Simply LIKE our contest post on our Facebook page!
  • THEN: Post a picture of yourself looking scared to our Facebook page with the hashtag #FrightFace!

And to increase your chances of winning, post your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr with #FrightFace!

On February 19th, we’ll randomly select THREE horrified contestants to be drawn on the cover of our new catalog by FrightProps’ famous illustrator and Bigfoot enthusiast, Tim Sievert! So take those terrified selfies, hashtag them #FrightFace and show the world who’s worthy of being our next cover star!

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By submitting your photo, you agree to allow FrightProps to use your likeness on the cover of our 2016 catalog.  Promotional image not indicative of final cover illustration. This promotion is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.

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Haunted House Christmas

Even the crew over here at FrightProps can’t resist getting a little bit into the holiday spirit. As part of an effort to psych people up for the return of our BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAY social media giveaways, we hacked a Santa Claus prop to put our own twist on the holiday!

Here’s how he started:



Looks like a decent fellow, right? The prop itself is pretty nice! Talking Santa says a variety of Christmas phrases and rocks back and forth in whatever chair you set him in. It’s pretty easy to assemble (took less than ten minutes) and rocked back and forth pretty consistently without any weird bugs or hiccups. Until we got ahold of him, of course. Continue reading

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Christmas and Holiday Haunted Houses for 2015!

Zombie Santa

Here we go again, folks – honoring those lousy holidays that aren’t Halloween. Hot chocolate, warm cookies, singing happy songs and all those other things that a lot of us probably don’t care about because we’re too busy mentally preparing our haunted houses for next year. But whatever – the kids love it and so do some of the people we all really care about. And hey – there’s usually a ton of food for us to devour, right? Continue reading

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Adirondack Chair Scare: Animatronic Prop!

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 3.06.06 PM

Another stellar submission from one of our faithful customers! Youtube user Utube4Oscar created this mechanical monstrosity using our latex skinned head, skinned arms, and skinned leg props! Continue reading

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New 2015 Ugly Sweaters for the Holidays



Are we supposed to say “Christmas” or “Holidays” now? We can’t keep track of all the media hubbub these days on how to address a bunch of days that have nothing to do with Halloween. Nope. Nah uh.

But one thing we can agree on is that we here at FrightProps like some ugly things. We like severed heads. We like animatronic zombies. We like pneumatics tutorials and stuff the rest of the world might think is a little ugly or unattractive. And you know what? That’s totally fine because there’s at least a few areas we can agree on.

Take this whole Ugly Sweater thing for example – they might be ugly snowman sweaters or ugly Hanukkah sweaters. To us, the most important thing is that these suckers are ugly. Woof.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.45.22 PMYikes. Just look at that guy.

So hey, give the ghouls of FrightProps a chance to get in on this holiday cheer and maybe look around our site at some of these ugly Christmas sweaters. Or ugly Holiday sweaters. Or as we call them, “Ugly Not Halloween Sweaters” – heh.

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FrightProps Gift Cards Holiday Special!


Seasons CREEPINGS from the evil elves of FrightProps! It’s not Halloween, but we’re still hard at work painting Santa’s sleigh with slime and building our own terrifying snowmen!

But it’s not all scares and horrors around here – in fact, we’ve been possessed by the giving spirits ourselves! We’re offering you a killer gift on our gift cards from now until December 26th!

Buy a $50 gift card, get a FREE $5 card!

Buy a $100 gift card, get a FREE $10 card!

Buy a $250 gift card, get a FREE $25 card!

Buy a $500 gift card, get a FREE $50 card!

Buy a $1000 gift card, get a FREE $100 card!

It’s easy, too – whether you decide to receive a gift card in the mail or get an online certificate, we’ll send your extra gift right to your Email. Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll get your gift as soon as inhumanly possible!

One tiny thing: you can only do one gift card per order – but if you want to do another gift card for another free gift, just finish checking out and start a new order!

This Holiday season, give ’em something gruesome to smile about – and give yourself a little treat, too!

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Cauldron Creep: DIY Halloween Prop

Creeps of all ages, shapes and sizes – gather around so we may tell you a tale! A tale of a sinister stirring creation!

Our friend JR Grant recently shared an amazing Cauldron Creep prop that he built using FrightProps Halloween technology! To bring the scares to the next level, he used one of our talking skulls!

Words from the creator:

“It’s the traditional Cauldron Creep design, with a PVC frame and 1 FrightProps motor controlling the head movement up and down and one the actually lifts the “body” up a little bit. I had to reinforce the PVC with two springs so the weight and movement of the talking skull didn’t shake the thing to pieces on halloween night. The Body is wrapped in black weed barrier, then some cloth strips over the top of it.

His voice is my voice tweaked through garage band, and powered by a speaker mounted on a 2×4 frame inside his upper torso. The cauldron is as you’d expect with one of your motors controlling the stirring.”

Have a spooky homemade Halloween prop using FrightProps supplies? Send it to us using our contact page!

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Our hugest site-wide deal ever begins now! For one day only, we’re dropping the price on EVERYTHING on our site by 10% – even on our already marked down prices on masks, costumes and more!

So get to FrightProps and save on all those goodies you thought you’d never catch a break on! Just add the items to your cart and when you go to check out, the discount will be appear!

And don’t forget, this sale is ONLY going on from midnight on Monday to 11:59 tonight!

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE! We’re also offering a HUGE discount on two of the most INSANE animated props you’ve ever seen – The Coffin Lunger and the Torture Victim!


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Yeah, yeah, we know – Thanksgiving isn’t here yet! But that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you right now how thankful we are for the frights, fears and horrors that all our friends and family have unleashed across the globe this year!

We’ve seen some truly wicked stuff this year: Props that are as gory as they are ingenious, and decorations that are as beautiful as they are brilliant. But we want to see more – and we want the entire world to see these magnificent creations as well!

So send us your freaky, your bloody, your finest Halloween creations just yearning to breathe free! Post videos on our Facebook page, Tweet them and mention us, and put them on Instagram and tag FrightProps in your post! We’ll add them to our world famous Customer Videos & Pics page, show them off on social media and even feature THREE of our favorites on our main site! All we ask is that you mention what parts of it you got from your pals at FrightProps!


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Horrornaments: Your New Favorite Christmas Ornaments!


Mourning the passing of Halloween isn’t easy for most of us. Realizing that special season that we truly belong in isn’t going to be coming around again for a WHOLE YEAR is fairly daunting. It’s enough to bow your head, sigh, and decide to just give in to the whole holiday spirit. May as well bake a ham, buy a Santa hat and go knocking on doors to sing happy songs to the neighbors you hardly know, right?

We here at FrightProps totally get it. We do. But that doesn’t mean we’re on board with the idea. We’re haunters. Halloween freaks. Horror nerds. I mean, heck – our name is FrightProps, would you really expect us to fall in line with this whole happy holidays thing?

Nah, not us. Nope. Instead, we’ll be creating our own horrific holiday creations and just blending in a little Halloween. One of the ways we’ll be doing it is with these freakin’ awesome horror ornaments – or should we say…HORRORNAMENTS?


Instead of spicing up your holidays with cinnamon and nutmeg, do something a little different this year. Cover your tree in coffins, jack-o’-lanters, severed limbs, and bloody weapons! There’s a ton of weird tree ornaments that aren’t pictured here, so head to FrightProps and give ’em a ghoulish gander!


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Happy Halloween from FrightProps!


Cover yourself in fake blood and light those jack-o’-lanterns extra bright! Blast the creepy tunes and howl at the night! IT’S HALLOWEEN! After all this time watching everybody celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and tons of boring birthdays, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

Throughout the year, we excitedly read your blogs, follow you on social media, and watch your video updates. While everyone has their unique projects that they’re pouring their mangled hearts and tortured souls into, at FrightProps, our passion is supporting the people who make this time of year so incredible. Every year, we’re so honored that we’re able to work with the most creative and entertaining people and productions on the planet.

Happy Halloween from the goons, ghouls and goblins of FrightProps! And thank you for making this the spookiest and wildest year for haunting yet!

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Bloodthirsty Thursday 10-15-15

fp_blogIt’s almost BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAY, and more importantly it’s almost HALLOWEEN! Of course you know that, so to celebrate we’re going nuts with this week’s giveaway. Here is a sneak peek at our prize, the Human Error Resurrection Mask and a bunch of skinned arms and legs to go with it! If you win, they should arrive just in time for Halloween.

The rules are the same as always! On Thursday, hit up our social media channels and follow the instructions! You have until 4PM on Friday to enter!

“Like” to enter and then spread the word

Favorite and Retweet to enter to win!

Find the pin under ‘Halloween DIY’, and Re-pin

Like and Re-Blog to enter to win!

Like and spread the word to enter to win!

Friday afternoon, we’ll announce this week’s lucky winner!


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Good luck and happy hauntings on opening night!



You’ve spent hours decorating and your hands are covered in fake blood. You ruined your favorite pair of pants with liquid latex and you’ve chased runaway screws across the workshop floor for what feels like hours. You’ve gone cross-eyed wiring props to controllers and making sure every scare is timed perfectly. And it’s all about to pay off!

From all of us here at FrightProps, good luck and happy hauntings!



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Win the ULTIMATE Halloween Party Kit!


Deck out your home with the coolest props this season! We’re giving away the finest in Halloween decorations to one randomly chosen-winner! Entering is EASY! Follow the instructions for each social media page!

Find the post with the ULTIMATE PARTY KIT image, LIKE IT, then comment on your favorite prop from the Halloween Party Supplies page! 

Find the post with the ULTIMATE PARTY KIT image, then RETWEET and tell us your favorite prop from the Halloween Party Supplies page! 

Find the post with the ULTIMATE PARTY KIT image, LIKE IT, then tag a friend who you’d invite to your party!

LIKE the post under HALLOWEEN DIY and then pin your favorite prop from the Halloween Party Supplies page!

Just simply REBLOG to enter to win!

Enter using as many different social media channels as you’d like – each one counts as an entry! The winner will be announced in early October!

The prize pack contains:
– Bloody Handprint Window Clings
– Bloody Shower Curtain
– Light Up Ghost String
– String of 50 Orange Halloween Lights
– Hanging Bat Man
– Hanging Black Wrapped Ghoul
– Evil Twins Holograph Portrait
– Hanging Creepy Reaper
– Light Up Skull Lantern 
– Zombie Door Cover
– Jason & Leatherface Goblets
– Skull Mug
– Disgusting Fake Finger Food
– Light Up Demon Bat
– Light Up Candelabra

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