Our Tentacle Props Awaken the Kraken


While we love and cherish each and every one of our halloween prop loving customers, we have a special affinity for the creative geniuses out there who document their work and send it to us!

Being in the haunted house game for as long as we have, we realize that not every single one of our props is going out to someone outfitting the latest, greatest, and craziest haunted attraction. We have customers that purchase our prop motors to create rifle targets, or sometimes, people just come to us because they’re looking for something as skull prop to put in their friend’s back seat.

Then we have people like Miss Cakehead who do such amazing things with our products that it almost makes us feel insecure. Miss Cakehead (real name Emma Thomas) works in the realm of advertising in a very specific niche: the absolutely insane. In this case, the highly weird and highly cool spiced black Kraken Rum.


this is a freaking cake

Another one of Miss Cakehead’s advertising endeavors for The Kraken Rum is opening The Black Flower Florist – a place to purchase grim flowers preserved in blank ink for that special morbid someone. The pop-up shop was a part of a campaign for Kraken this past Valentine’s Day and actually raised some money for charity.



Recognize that tentacle? Sure you do. We couldn’t be more proud – like watching your first born child compete in a piano recital. Only instead of some watching some kid botch a rendition of “Chopsticks”, we get to look at our giant evil tentacle, dyed black, and being held by a retro deep sea diver.

Having appeared in The Huffington Post thirteen times, the prolific Miss Cakehead has about a hundred other brilliant works under her belt that each will blow your doors of perception wide open. For example, her Macabre Christmas Tree (yes, that’s a puffer fish on top):



or this Gingerdead House:







For more of her work, check out her site:

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