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Greetings, boys and ghouls! This manic monday, we figured we’d take a moment out of your day to discuss something which is VERY EXCITING – to us, at least. But probably to a lot of you haunters as well!


Recently, we partnered with a company named after one of our favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs – Shot In The Dark Scare Tools!

We can all agree that having a good haunt means creating an immersive environment where your patrons/victims get lost in what’s going on. In order to do that, you undoubtedly have to take the time to properly decorate your halloween haunt. But decorations aren’t the end all of the process, are they? Everyone’s been inside of a haunt where the scenery and environments looked great, but for some reason the haunt was mysteriously lacking that feeling of urgent terror.

Sometimes, that’s when you have to resort to brute force. Some haunted houses achieve this by making their customers sign a waiver allowing themselves to be touched. While that absolutely works, there’s one method that unsettles just about everyone:


If it sounds like a no-brainer, that’s probably because it is. But imagine all of those times you hid behind the shower curtain and scared your siblings by jumping out. If you hadn’t made some sort of horrible shriek, would it have been nearly as effective?

Shot In The Dark Scare Tools have fashioned three extremely loud and terrifying handheld horns, each operated by 12v battery – and FrightProps has ’em!



The loudest and most startling of the bunch, you can easily recognize the Screamin’ Deamon by it’s signature flaming skull design on the front of the frame. But at 200 decibels of terror, it’s unlikely you’ll end up getting too close to it as it blows your eyeballs back into your skull. It comes with a bright mounted light on the top as well, making it perfect for quiet, dark scenes where you need to blast someone with a giant truck horn.

air hornscreamin deamon



Remember Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome? Remember how freaky that little dude riding on that giant mutant was? Well, the Master Blaster Horn may not look like it, but its about as startling to hear as watching the scenes from that movie. Lightweight and durable, the Master Blaster (which also comes with a mounted light) sounds similar to a train horn only with a little higher pitch. Regardless of the tone, you’ll feel a rumble in your stomach the moment that little trigger is pulled – BECAUSE IT IS EXTREMELY LOUD.

For the genuine, bonafide, real train horn sound, you’ve gotta stick with the FrightProps original.

masterblaster masterblaster2




The carnival has come to town and it looks like you’re their entertainment! This easy-to-wield horn packs a powerful punch, unleashing a loud “AH-WOOOGAH!” noise, just like you saw in all them funny cartoons growing up. The Clown Crazy is an absolute necessity for any clown horror theme.

clown crazy clown crazy2


With innovations like these, we’re hoping that our friends at Shot In The Dark Scare Tools continue pushing forward and bringing us some of the coolest and most unique haunted house props known to mankind! Got any ideas of your own? Leave us a comment on the blog here and maybe some day we’ll be writing a post on your awesome prop you came up with.

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