Our Favorite Halloween Prop Creations of 2014


We’ve got this weird bond with our customers in the haunted house industry that’s pretty cool – when they do well, we do well. Because we realize how important it is to provide support and how-to information to the people that keep us inspired (and employed!), we’ve gained a solid reputation among Halloween fans everywhere for always being willing to help out. In addition to our direct Email support to customers around the world, we also have an entire section with DIY diagrams for Halloween props and animatronics.

Why do we spend so much time creating and revising our diagrams? Why do we make such an effort answering questions, you ask? Well, quite simply, it’s because we realize that every single one of our customers is an artist of sorts. Only instead of watercolors or pastel crayons, you use fake blood and slime. Instead of a canvas, you use skeleton props, carving foam and zombie masks. And even though we’re not the ones who got our hands dirty (except on our own props, of course), we’re the Halloween freaks who get to check out some of the coolest and most inventive props every year when our friends send us their new scary props.

Being that we’re so proud of our people out there haunting hard every day, constantly thinking of new ways to terrify us all, we’d like to share our favorite Halloween props from 2014. And if you have a prop of your own that you created using some of our stuff, leave us a comment, send us an Email, or send us a message on our Facebook!

Randy Forgaard – Pirate Scene

Starting off is Randy’s amazing fundraising project which runs for just six hours, one night a year. Raising money for an elementary school, this adventure on the high seas takes about six weeks from start to finish and uses the power of over 100 volunteers! As you can see, they make great use of our famous tentacle props, water sprayers, our motion platform kit, and BooBox controllers in their highly detailed production.


Jerry Enni – Zombie Groundbreaker

Jerry sent us a pretty excellent zombie groundbreaker. Well-executed with startling, erratic movement, Jerry used our ground breaker kit and adapted a design by Casa Fear. Dirty, disgusting, and creepy with that gross bobbling head – the groundbreaker is always one of our favorite props and our friend Jerry pulled off his version really well.


John Guarnero – Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, & R2D2

While we see things across this entire industry that impress us all the time, every once and a while, we get one of those submissions that really blows us away. John Guarnero is one of those rare people that that makes you take a step back and question if you should be upping your own craftsmanship. Each of these props uses something from FrightProps – R2D2 uses our Triggerable Video Player while both Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper use a BooBox FlexMax and remote control. Last we heard from John, he was also making a Zoltar replica (from the movie “Big”) using one of our talking skulls. One of the coolest things of all is that John actually provides the construction documents and electrical drawings for many of his creations. Check his site out (https://www.guarnero.com) and look around at some of the other fantastic things he’s made.


Joseph Williams & Nikki Scheel – Garage Haunt

Joseph and Nikki went above and beyond for their garage haunt this year and had some pretty glowing things to say about our controllers. Rather than try and sum it up and make it look like we’re here to pat ourselves on the back, we’ll let them explain (hey – we’re proud of ourselves, alright?):

“Every year we build a haunt in our garage and the majority of the special effects are components we picked up from you all.  This year we did a pirate themed haunt, and we live in Clarence, IA, so aptly the name of the haunt this year was Pirates of the Clarebbean. The biggest new effect this year was the giant octopus monster (you’ll undoubtedly recognize those tentacles), all being powered by a BooBox Flex, and 4 air cylinders.  We also replaced all of our other brand controllers this year with the PicoBoo, as the Fright Ideas line is by far the best and most reliable controllers we have used.  It was a treat to know we weren’t going to have controller issues this year!  We re-purposed a wiper motor and PicoVolt we had from a year ago into our animated pirate at the helm as well.  So overall, about 70% of our tech this year was through FrightProps products.”


Tom Avril – Ghost Pulley

Tom here made a pulley out of two Frisbees, one of our motors, and mounted two simple ghosts on some clothesline. If that’s not ingenuity, then I don’t know what is!


Bob Grandi – Yard Haunt

Yard and home haunts are proof that with a little creativity and the right parts, you can create an entire world of scares to become the talk of the town. Grandi’s Graveyard, using some of our motors and controllers, is detailed with lighting effects, a motorized zombie groundbreaker, a cauldron creep, and floating ghost prop – among other things.


Nicholmikey – Zombie Garage & Evil Clown Pop-Up Prop

Another killer garage production – YouTube user Nicholmikey is projecting the Zombie Invasion DVD on to a plastic tarp. And that sadistic clown popping out of the box you see at the 0:12 mark was made using our lid opener kit!


Dale Amell – Halloween Display

Man! Dale sent us probably one of the most extensive yard/home haunts that we’ve ever seen! The amount of animated props he has going on here is staggering – coffin pop-ups, lunging spiders, an electric chair prop, and a ton more that use 12v DC motors or pneumatic cylinders.


Oscar from Madison, WI – Creepy Claw Crane Game

If you haven’t seen this one yet, watch it immediately. The Creepy Claw Crane Game probably goes down in history as an all time favorite for us here at the haunted house prop shop. According to Oscar, it’s all 100% FrightProps! We couldn’t be more impressed at how flawlessly executed this prop is. Oscar also sent us over something we wish we had for every single one of our props – a video of scared trick-or-treater reactions!


Todd Kalberg – Leg Kicker and Yard Haunt

From Todd:
“I recently finished my version of the popular “Leg Kicker” prop featuring the Fright Props PicoBoo controller and wiper motor which both worked great. I would also like to give kudos to the Fright Props tech support staff for their quick and helpful responses to my questions. Thanks a bunch!!!”

We love Todd’s take on the leg-kicker prop. It’s one of those Halloween props that could be used as a year-round scare. He also put together a spectacular yard display using our controllers and motors, which we’re proud to show off.


David Bassi – Mechanical Spider Prop

Putting one of our wiper motors to great use, David Bassi created this freaky spider prop with legs that move out of sync. David is also behind the fantastic Shadowfang Keep, which we’ve featured on this blog before.


Bob Kowal – Animatronic Rat

giant rat

Last but certainly not least – A GIANT ANIMATRONIC RAT! While we have some suspicions that this prop uses one of our 6RPM motors, it’s too bad we don’t have more information on how the prop was actually crafted. Definitely looks like some painstaking work went into detailing this gargantuan rodent prop.

Have an insane Halloween prop you’ve made using some FrightProps guts? Maybe you sculpted and casted a mold using some of our supplies? No matter what you’ve done with all the strange things we sell, we want you to show us so then we can show the entire haunted house world. Click one of our social media buttons at the top and share your best work!

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  1. Chad Smith says:

    Watch “Groundbreaker 2014” on YouTube
    Groundbreaker 2014: http://youtu.be/sHbO6bG3WRs

    Watch “Hangman 2014” on YouTube
    Hangman 2014: http://youtu.be/TYI84EA9rOk

    My 2014 yard props made with Fright Props controllers and pneumatics.

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