Only 298 Days Until Halloween

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Well folks, we did it. At least if you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you’re not some sort of undead goon that came back from the grave to browse articles about haunted houses, right? Although given the amount of Aunt Ethel’s lavender muckberry pie that you’ve consumed over the last few weeks, you might just feel like one of those corpses you’ve been painting in the garage.

The holidays weren’t all bad – they just suffered from one main, crucial issue: they weren’t Halloween. Nevertheless, we found ways to pass the time by eating, hanging out at the zombie bar down the street and brainstorming new props. We also bonded with our customers in trying to survive the holidays and even got to see some “proper” animated Christmas props that our customers put together.

So 298 days are left until Halloween. Seems like forever, right? While we’re miraculously able to get through the off season with the help of our constantly curious customers, we’re using this time to create and perfect new and old products alike. We’ll be unleashing some pretty awesome stuff at Transworld’s Halloween and Attractions Show in St. Louis, but until then, keep your eyes on all of our social media channels for more gory weirdness from your favorite haunted house suppliers.

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