No Kill Werewolf Rescue

One of the most insane, silly, and deranged things we’ve heard in the haunted house community (and we’ve heard a lot), is a recent crowdfunding project started by a woman named Rana May.

A longtime rescue animal advocate, the Minneapolis resident has launched a GoFundMe campaign for a “No Kill Werewolf Rescue”.


If you haven’t already torn your wallet in half to get out your credit card, the rewards for funding this werewolf project are possibly even more amazing than the concept itself.



It seems in addition to receiving a handwritten “thank you” from an anonymous werewolf, Rana May has also taken to social media to personally thank some of the supporters.


Despite the fact that we here at FrightProps are certainly proud providers of all kinds of werewolf costumes and furry Halloween props, we are deeply supportive of this movement. Perhaps if we can adequately care for these misunderstood creatures of the night, we could work side by side in unit. Maybe even some day, we could have a FrightProps night crew comprised entirely of these deeply intelligent nocturnal beings.

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