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Siamese Skeleton

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts about working here is connecting with our customers and seeing what sort of innovations bright-minded people are bringing to the table using our haunted house supplies. In the past, we featured a brilliant Ursula from the Little Mermaid costume made from our tentacle props, some promotional stuff for Kraken Rum from Miss Cakehead, and a low-rider ice cream cart from the talented people at Blackout Signs.

Recently we got a few more submissions that had us all nodding our heads in approval. We’d like to share them with you because we’re so kind and generous and giving. And because we like bragging about our people.

First up, we have something a little different. Putting our pneumatics to work outside of making Halloween props, Greg Powers recently used our pneumatic cylinders and fittings to create a blast gate system. From my limited understanding (my brain is filled with TV commercials and punk rock songs), a blast gate is used in workshops to regulate the flow of air from machine to machine in order to increase efficiency. So the gates open and close to give more air to whatever machine you’re working with.

But here’s Greg’s words, because he actually knows what he’s talking about:

“This is a fun gadget to have in you woodworking shop. It automates your dust collection system blast gates. So when you turn on a machine that is connected to the dust collection system, the blast gate will automatically open. The blast gate has a pneumatic cylinder that is controlled by at 110volt solenoid. So when the solenoid sees the 110 voltage come on, it sends compress air to the pneumatic cylinder and it opens the blast gate.

You can buy a commercially built automatic blast gate for about $400. This one was built for less then a $100.”



Bouncing back more towards the side of our specialty in the world of Halloween scares, Peter Anderson modified a stuffed animal toy to forge something gross and unique. Using fake blood, hot glue, and some vicious looking teeth, he turned what was once a cuddly and pleasant looking creature into a fearsome monster named “Fluffy” with some intense jaw movement.


Lastly, we have a sensational concept coming from Colorado Springs. The Cyclops Dome is an innovative product that merges video features and motion effects with the portability of inflatables. The Cyclops Dome projects a fast-paced simulation into a spherical reflector to bend the image to the curved walls of the dome, immersing the viewer in the huge scene.

projector sphereinflatable domemotion chairs




Made in three different sizes, (3 seat, 6 seat, and a multi-seat option) The Cyclops Dome employs the use of a few FrightProps products, namely our Premium HD Triggerable Video Player and our famous Air Bags to provide the rocking and bouncing movement of the chairs inside. Check out the video.


We’re proud of our customers, you know? Seeing the stuff our customers create makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside – like we’re filled with hope, happiness, and a bunch of blood and guts. So if you have something cool that you put together that you want to see up on the blog, get in touch with us using one of the social media buttons at the top.

Thanks for the support, everyone.

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