Mobile Packs for Haunting!


Us wacky weirdos at FrightProps certainly didn’t invent the haunted house. We didn’t invent fake blood and we didn’t event pneumatics. However, one thing we pride ourselves on is taking these fairly standard things and adapting them for the purposes of helping everyone creep out millions of people a year!

One of the more simple things we’ve put together is our Mobile Pack system. Whenever we go out to conventions, we usually bring a few of these with us and when people see them, they have about a million questions. So we figured we’d do a little write-up on our Mobile Packs to give you a better understanding of what these things are and how they actually work.


So in addition to just being a stylish fanny pack just like a goofy tourist would wear to the grand canyon, there are a few things inside. A battery, a power inverter with AC outlets, and a battery charger. The whole set-up weighs about five pounds although more than likely, you’re going to be setting the battery charger aside.

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How it works is very simple: you simply attach the red and black wires to the red and black inputs on the charged battery and you’re in business. You’ve got two outlets, just like the kind you’d find on the wall of your home, that you’re free to do whatever you want with. A lot of people use this sort of set-up to operate a lot of our Flash Crackers, Pow Sticks, and other noisemakers. People use them for costumes or simply for working a crowd in line at a haunt.

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When the battery starts to wear down, the power inverter will start making a beeping noise to alert you. If whatever you’re using your mobile pack for is absolutely crucial to your haunt, you’ll want to buy an extra battery (or maybe even an extra battery charger as well) and keep it charging, ready for action. Luckily, charging the battery is extremely simple.

Plug in the unit, then connect the clamps to the color coded prongs on the battery. Be extremely careful to make sure that the two clamps are not touching – you can short out the entire thing that way.

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People always ask us how long the batteries last. Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a tough question because we don’t know how much power everything that everybody is going to plug into their inverter is going to draw. But one thing you can do to ensure you get the maximum life out of your battery is to unplug the inverter when it’s not in use!

That’s about the long and short of the FrightProps Mobile Pack. If you’re still a little hazy on how you can use this device to make your Halloween props and costume lights mobile, check out our video below – if you still have questions, leave us a comment!

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