May Motor Mayhem! $5 Off All Prop Motors from FrightProps!


Every once and a while, the freaky fellows of your favorite haunted house supply company decide to give you a break. Maybe it’s something with the moon or the old rusty water pipes in our warehouse that are gradually poisoning us, but we’re feeling pretty generous lately for whatever reason. So we’re going to do something unheard of with our prop motors and motor kits – A SALE.


And not just any sale – a good sale on something useful. Those in the know on our social media and newsletter get this $5 off coupon to use on all of our wiper motors and motor kits during checkout. Call it a celebration for our new and improved Picovolt controller.

Previously, this pint-sized engineering marvel revolutionized the propmaking process by allowing a programmed sequence for our motors – extremely useful for making halloween props look back and forth, like a severed head. However, you couldn’t hook it up with a trigger – you had to keep it running until you unplugged it.


Well, the wizards over at FrightIdeas have fixed that – you can now wire a trigger up to your Picovolt. You can also use the “park” feature in our parking motors to make some really customizable effects for your electric props. Check out the video for more info:


That’s right, kiddies – from May 15th to May 31st, we’re giving you the chance to save a ton on our super popular wiper motors. Why, they’re so popular that even mega-superstar D.I.Y prop-maker, Allen Hopps of Stiltbeast Studios recently did a short video on them!


If you’re not familiar with Allen and his work, please put your head in a duffle bag and have a close friend dropkick it into the ocean. Or check out his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel for about a billion tutorials on all sorts of halloween prop-making techniques. The dude’s a champion – and he’s got great taste in prop motors as well.


As most of you probably know, we don’t cut our prices down very often, so wise up and take advantage of our sale on wiper motors and motor kits because there isn’t likely to be another one anytime soon.

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