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We’re still getting ready for the greatest event of the year – TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions show in St. Louis! As we prepare to submerse ourselves amongst a plethora of freaks and animatronic props, we can’t help but wonder what everyone else is doing. While anyone who has ever browsed our site knows we supply all sorts of pneumatics, fittings, and electronics to people across the Halloween haunt industry, a lot of our customers aren’t just all about bloody skeletons and gory props.

Not everyone goes to FrightProps for the same reasons and for the same goals. As we recently featured the fabulous Miss CakeHead on our blog for her inventive use of our tentacles in marketing campaigns, in this blog post we’ll take a quick look at two awesome submissions.

The first is an automated can crusher using our prop controller, the Picoboo, solenoids, airlines, and some of our pneumatic cylinders! It comes to us from a customer named Shane and we instantly realized we probably need one to take care of all these cans of root beer that are piling up in the corner where we usually keep all of our Halloween skulls. So yes, as you probably suspected, our offices do look somewhat like the trophy room on the ship in Predator 2


The next cool creation is from Jay Gordon, owner of Blackout Signs, based in San Marcos, Texas. Jay does a lot of edgy custom artwork and fabrication, having been commissioned to work on projects for Redbull, Lollapalooza, Whole Foods, and even James Hetfield from Metallica. Impressed? Yeah. We thought you would be.

Recently, Jay showed us of a way he puts some of our prop-making supplies to good use by custom building an ice cream cart that bounces like a low-rider.

cart cart4cart2

Also, make sure to check out these pictures of Blackout Signs’ other good work.

Blackout Signs3 Blackout Signs2 Blackout Signs1 Blackout Signs

Gotta hand it to the Jay and his team – undisputed geniuses. It’s hard to believe how versatile Blackout Signs is when you look at their site and see everything they’ve pulled off.

Of course, this begs the question: who else out there is blowing minds left and right with their purchases from FrightProps? Leave us a comment on this here blog-o-mo-thingy so we can write about how proud we are to be a part of your work.

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