Kid With No Legs and One Arm Scares Harder Than ANYONE

Nick Santonastasso, a kid from New Jersey, was born without legs and with only one arm. Using his unique physical appearance, lately he’s been dressing up like a zombie and scaring the living hell out of people in places like Wal-Mart. As the kid is obviously a genius, he’s also been capturing the episodes on Vine for the delight of the entire world.

Check out the few clips below and watch in delight as he gets bopped on the head by a woman defending herself with a roll of gift wrap.

The whole story is as heartwarming to us as it was probably terrifying to the victims of his amazing joke. It reminds me of a man I met many years ago who had ectrodactyly on one of his hands – it also known as split hand/split foot malformation. It looks something like this:



Growing up, he was the subject of a lot of curiosity from his classmates. In order to bring his interesting physical characteristic to life, when he met people, he would intentionally make them shake his hand just to get a reaction out of him. If he caught someone trying to subtly take a peek at it, when they turned their head, he’d surprise them by shoving it in their face and giggling.

Another cool story which directly relates to Halloween is the story of Rocky Dennis, most famous for being portrayed by Eric Stoltz in the movie “Mask” with Cher. What a lot of people don’t know is that the character was actually based around a real person – Roy Lee (Rocky) Dennis.

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(Eric Stoltz on the left, the real Rocky Dennis on the right)

While the movie “Mask” wasn’t one hundred precent accurate, one thing it did capture was Rocky Dennis’ temperament – a kind, intelligent young man with a great sense of humor. He was known around his hometown for wandering around a grocery store, attempting to scare shoppers. Naturally, as told in an issue of People Magazine from 1985, he loved Halloween:

“Halloween was the biggest day of the year for Rocky Dennis. Under the light of the California moon, he would lead a pack of demons through the neighborhood, gleefully ringing doorbells and joining the chorus of “Trick or treat!” After the child goblins collected their booty, Rocky would whip off his dime-store mask to reveal the horror underneath. The uninitiated would exclaim, “How cute, he’s wearing two masks! Take off your other one, too.” Grinning ear to ear (like Howdy Doody, Rusty says), Rocky would tug playfully at his face and say, “Gee, it must be stuck on.” After his victims saw the joke, his mother says, “Rocky always got lots of candy.” “


We’ve heard of (and known) people who are unusually short or tall creating some spectacular scares in haunted houses. Do you know anyone personally with unusual physical traits that has become an essential part of a haunt?

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