Jason Freeny Is A Genius And You Will Love Him


Every once and a while, we come across some weird or bizarre piece of art that isn’t necessarily related to haunted house supplies or props, but is so strange we instantly know that it’s something our customers are going to dig. After all – seeing as how so many of our haunt themes borrow directly from other art mediums (specifically movies), we should always be keeping our eyes open on the work of fellow oddballs to keep our Halloween prop making skills extra smart and disgusting. So check this one out.

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A former toy designer based out of New York, artist Jason Freeny is handcrafting some unique things to the delight of every haunter and horror fan. Taking iconic children’s figures and giving them a brilliantly detailed, anatomical slant, the bespectacled artist has fashioned some truly unforgettable toys and sculptures that will reshape the way you view some of your familiar favorites.

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Skulls, bones, intestines – it’s all your favorite gory insides merged with the greatest pop culture figures. But as intriguing and expertly presented as his gross deconstructions are, Freeny isn’t just a one-trick pony. In addition to the other creative work he sculpts, he also creates some fantastic digital and hand-drawn artwork:

PandoraMerged Pneumatic-Anatomica-600 WorldsYetImagined

So check out Jason Freeny’s site and pick up something for the demented love of your life that’s totally strange and completely original. Tell him the freaks of FrightProps sent you. Maybe he’ll look at some of our haunted house supplies and get some crazy ideas. Or just politely ask us to go away and get a haircut.

Pushup1 AlienEB giant_moof_cat_stool_by_freeny

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