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“Hey, FrightProps – I’m about to place a huge order. Do you guys have any specials?”

“FrightProps, I run a small charity haunt every year and we’re wondering if you offer any discounts.”


Scary Peeper

Every day, we get numerous inquiries asking for discount codes, specials, savings and deals. While we already consider ourselves the finest one-stop-shop for all sorts of haunted house props and Halloween decorations, we know what the people want. They want those awesome deals.

And give awesome deals on cool Halloween props we do! But the way we offer them is through limited time savings and special sales. Wondering why you haven’t seen them? Well, you probably aren’t subscribed to our newsletter then. Check out some of these awesome promotions you’ve ALREADY MISSED!

Halloween Sale Halloween Sale2 Halloween Sale3

Kicking yourself yet? Well cut it out and get yourself fixed right up on our newsletter. Simply scroll up and look for this little thing right here:

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Then follow the instructions by entering your E-Mail and hitting the subscribe button. You’ll be saving on pneumatics, motors, and other Halloween accessories in no time. And because we’re approaching the most important season of the year, we’re going to be offering more sales than EVER!

They say you never get anything unless you ask for it — which is true! However, when it comes to saving money this Halloween on your yard haunt, garage haunt, home haunt, mansion haunt, theme park haunt, or GIANT CITY BLOCK HAUNT (why don’t these exist?) your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled on your Email for the FrightProps Newsletter!

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