How to Make a DIY Water Mister

Today we’re going to give you a technical treat and explain how to create a Do-It-Yourself Water Mister. Water misters are great in haunted houses because…well, they shoot mist. Spitting snakes, bursting pipes – maybe get creative and aim one at the front of someone’s pants and set-up a photo booth to prove that your haunt makes everyone pee themselves.

the most exciting music for a tube shooting water, ever


Before we get started, however, we’ll get the promotional junk out of the way and inform you from the get go that we do sell these bad-boys already assembled. However, if you’re feeling handy and want to impress yourself, the water mister is a fairly simple thing you can assemble.



  1. Tape Measure
  2. 16 penny nail, screw, or other such sharp object
  3. Utility knife – make sure it’s sharp!  Confusingly, working with a dull blade is way more dangerous.
  4. Heat gun (before you ask, the answer is “no” – your sister’s hairdryer won’t get hot enough. And if you’re looking to purchase one, try to get one with a base like the one pictured. It’ll save you a headache and reduce your chance of burning a hole in your chest.)



  1. 10’ of 5/32” polyurethane airline
  2. 10’ of 1/4” polyethylene airline (can substitute 1/4″ polyurethane airline for better hose flexibility, however you WILL need at least ten inches of polyethylene airline)
  3. One way check valve push-on 1/4″
  4. Barbed Union 3/32”
  5. 4” of 3/8” shrink tube

Click here to order all of the parts for this project.



  1. 3-Way Solenoid Valve
  2. PicoBoo or other controller
  3. Motion Sensor, Step mat, or hand trigger


First tip: read all of the directions BEFORE you start hacking stuff apart. That way you don’t find out later that you screwed everything up, just like your grades in high school.




Cut ten feet of 5/32” polyurethane airline and ten feet of 1/4” polyethylene airline. We strongly discourage you from cutting longer than ten feet because it will make your water mister suck. Actually, it will make your water mister NOT SUCK WATER, which will make it suck.




Insert the check valve onto the 1/4″ polyethylene airline as shown.  Make sure the pink side is oriented as shown.




Cut off about 9” of 1/4” polyethylene airline and insert into the other end of the check valve. If it’s not perfectly 9″, don’t worry about it. There’s a joke in there, somewhere.




Snip or cut off the square sides of the barbed union.  We use wire snips as shown but you could also use a sharp utility knife.



Here is the barbed union with square sides partially removed.



And here is the barbed union with square sides completely removed.




Push one end of the barbed union into the 5/32” airline. It helps to heat up the airline a bit with a heat gun first – not too much, because then you’ll melt it. Pull on it a little once it’s in there to make sure it’s secure. Also, gloves help unless you’ve been playing Megadeth solos on guitar for a few years and have some brutal callouses.




Use a sharp utility knife to cut one end of the barbed union at an angle as shown. The blurriness is to inspire you to start drinking if you’ve had trouble so far. Because it gets more difficult from here.




Use a nail to punch a hole at the angle shown exactly 2” from the end of the 9” polyethylene airline. The more of an angle (hole parallel to the airline), the better.  If you find out when you test it that you’re not getting enough mist, you’ll have to increase the angle.




Push the barbed union into the hole at an angle with the cut angle positioned as shown. It’s not always easy – resist the temptation to widen the hole too much with a knife or something larger than the nail. If doesn’t fit in tightly, it won’t work as well. Also, it’s important that the cut angle on the barbed fitting is pointing upwards.  If you test it and the mist seems lacking, then the angle is probably not pointed upwards.



Here it is fully inserted. Be proud of yourself. You’re a genius.




Take a 4” piece of shrink tube and slide it over the assembly, then shrink it using a heat gun. If you screwed up all your shrink tube, you can wrap it in electrical tape and it should still work.



Here is the completed assembly. Water will mist out of this end, in theory, unless you really messed it up.




Insert the free end of the 5/32” airline into a bucket of clean water. Or dirty water, if you want to gross some people out and then spend an hour unclogging your water mister. Connect the free end of the 1/4″ airline to an air source and watch as water will mist from the assembly.

If you’re into getting fancy, you can insert a 3-way solenoid to the free end of the 1/4″ polyethylene airline and control with one of our PicoBoo or BooBox controllers.

And there it is! Your bona-fide DIY Water Mister. Now go do something cool with it and post some pictures or a video on our Facebook.


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