HauntX, New Environment Scares and The Southside Battletrain

Anyone who knows the crew at FrightProps knows that we wear a lot of different hats, both within the company and outside of it! Recently, some of our fabricators dedicated a hell of a lot of time to help construct one of the craziest public projects ever put together in Minneapolis.

Built for the MayDay Parade, the Southside Battletrain proudly displays the incredible hard work of some of the city’s finest welders, builders and other creatives. The gigantic float contains a pedal-powered grill-dozer, a schooner, ferris wheel, a shanty, skate ramp, and a pedal cloud monster! Watch the video and drool on yourself as the Battletrain hypnotizes you!

In more Halloween-related news, FrightProps recently collaborated with the geniuses of the HauntX convention out in Reno, NV! Although we were too busy at the shop to make it out, we attended the convention last year at the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino and had a great time. To show our support and our love for such an awesome event put on by awesome people, we sponsored a party!

FrightProps Party

I know we’re supposed to be all freaky and scary, but seeing all these smiling faces is a pretty magical thing for us. We live in an age where people might take two minutes to send you a “thank you” text or Email – and that’s totally fine. We all do it. But having people take the time to gather everyone together and hold our catalogs, bumper stickers and raise their glasses is just such a cool thing for all of us here. Huge thanks to Steve O from Garage of Evil and Steve Colberg for thinking of us and making us truly feel like a part of a community.

Back at home, we’re still hard at work on new Halloween and haunt technologies! We’ve got a lot of new stuff, but here’s two of our recent favorites. If you caught us at the most recent TransWorld in St. Louis, you got to see these two new environment scares in action! So for those who didn’t get the chance to see them, check out the Burst Steam Pipe and the Pots and Pans Poltergeist!

As we all know, sometimes the best scares aren’t a giant zombie smashing through a wall, screaming in your face. A lot of haunts rely on creeps and jumps that are created through meticulously made sets! The Burst Steam Pipe prop is a perfect example of this principle and blends in with any industrial, laboratory or old building type of environment. Of course, shooting real steam at your guest would be VERY ILL-ADVISED, so we’ve equipped our bursting pipe with harmless fog!

Lastly we have our Pots and Pans Poltergeist – one of those prop ideas that’s so simple, we’re kicking ourselves for not making it earlier! In almost every evil spirit horror movie, there’s a kitchen scene. Microwave doors open and slam shut, maybe the oven turns on – you get the idea, right? So of course, we just had to build ourselves a pot and pan rattler prop to simulate the presence of a mischievous ghost!

So there you have it, folks! New stories and new props from your favorite haunted attraction suppliers. Keep your eyes glued to the blog for more updates and be sure to keep up with us as we unleash more BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAYS contests!

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