Haunted House Christmas

Even the crew over here at FrightProps can’t resist getting a little bit into the holiday spirit. As part of an effort to psych people up for the return of our BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAY social media giveaways, we hacked a Santa Claus prop to put our own twist on the holiday!

Here’s how he started:



Looks like a decent fellow, right? The prop itself is pretty nice! Talking Santa says a variety of Christmas phrases and rocks back and forth in whatever chair you set him in. It’s pretty easy to assemble (took less than ten minutes) and rocked back and forth pretty consistently without any weird bugs or hiccups. Until we got ahold of him, of course.

More like Kris WRINKLE, eh?
Anyway, we started by pulling his head off and giving him a much needed artistic flair – a skull.

Then of course, we did what we always do – the secret move of any haunted house prop builder: add tons of liquid latex and fake blood.

As you can tell from the video, we also decided to do Santa’s nails…and hands….and forearms. Here’s what’s left of the surgical process:

Santa Hands
The final result had ol’ Santa Claus looking pretty darn handsome.

Santa Claus Gore



Last but not least, we had to do something about that friendly, cheerful voice. So our fabricator Max opened ’em up and started playing around for some passive distortion action.

Much better, right?



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