Haunted Camp Horror Sleepaways Are A Thing Now. And it rules.

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Camp is already a pretty scary place for most of us. Starting a campfire without burning your eyebrows off? Going to the bathroom in the woods? Yikes, man. I know there’s a lot of real nature-type boyscouts out there, but a lot of us feel pretty lost in the wild. But that’s what makes it an adventure, right?


And what about all those scary movies that use campgrounds as their settings? Friday the 13th, the Sleepaway Camp movies – and a ton more if you decide to count that whole evil cabin thing.


Thankfully, some people are paying attention to what’s truly horrifying the public and pushing it right back into our faces in the form of a haunt. While we know there’s a few more (let us know which ones!), we decided to punch-up a little thing on the relatively new phenomenon of camping haunts.



reaper house 1

There’s a new terror sensation being unleashed upon unsuspecting campers in Connecticut as Reaper House Entertainment will launch their haunt at Camp Cedarcrest in July. After signing a waiver, the brave victims will face a variety of terrifying trials and scares in an attempt to place these horror-junkies into what it would be like to actually be in the middle of a horror movie. As we all know in the haunted house attraction biz, signing a wavier = heavy duty stuff. Campers should prepare themselves for some extreme and physical interactions, for sure.

reaper house 2

They get to sleep, of course, but reportedly the event will last for 13 hours. And have a BBQ buffet. If the FrightProps crew showed up, the scariest thing would probably be watching us gnaw on a bunch of ribs and lick our fingers clean.



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On May 17th, May 31st, and June 14th, Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Lancashire, UK (45 minutes north of Leeds, home of Gang of Four) will have a 13-hour scarefest of their own. While each attendee will have a different experience, Horror Camp LIVE! will cleverly incorporate group activities and “dare challenges” into the camp – not quite sure what those are, but maybe you’ll find yourself bobbing in a barrel filled with blood for hot dogs or something.





Based out of Los Angeles, the Great Horror Campout will also appear in select cities like Houston, Austin, Sacramento, Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, and San Diego. Although there’s an 18+ age restriction, the Great Horror Campout seems to have something to offer everyone. There’s even “blood tag” and a “chicken zone” for people who aren’t ready to be mentally scarred out in the woods.

great horror campoutgreat horror campout1

great horror campout

In order to appease the more extreme freaks, there’s a thorough “Hell Hunt” – a crazy, and undoubtedly gory, scavenger hunt of sorts. One of the things they mention involves digging through road-kill, so maybe bring some hand sanitizer with you. And if you succeed, you’ll be crowned a “Hellmaster” and given some special benefits. Hopefully more roadkill, right? Either way, the Great Horror Campout has a safephrase of “I WANT MY MOMMY”, so you’re probably in for some intense scares.




camp somerset1The most recent (that we know of) haunted campground, Terror at Camp Somerset certainly fits in line with the other events we talk about in this article. But there’s something distinctive that takes their haunt to a new level – it’s being hosted from August 29th to September 1st at an amphitheater with bands and DJs. Add to that, there’s a haunted trail, a corn-maze labyrinth, and even a paranormal live show.  All aligned with the haunt’s theme of some sort of tentacled, Cthulu-type creature. Needless to say, we’re already fans.

camp somerset

camp somerset3


We know Thrillvania out in Texas used to have some sort of camping production but we couldn’t find anymore information on it. But aside from that, did we miss any awesome haunted campsites?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

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    Youyoumissed Gore Camp in northeast Pennsylvania!! 12 hours of absolutel mayhem!

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