Halloween Laser Lights!

You already know from those late nights at the disco that laser lights add fluidity and movement to a venue, encouraging people to socialize and get dancin’! And if you use them in a haunt, you’re certainly aware that laser lights for haunted houses add an eerie and almost supernatural effect that can generate anxiety as well. They’re great for evil laboratory scenes, make super cool alien abduction effects, and add extra depth to those UV painted rooms. But actually there are tons of cool ways to use lasers that sometimes people forget about!

Liquid Sky Effects:

liquid sky
One of the most sought-after laser effects for any Halloween production is the Liquid Sky Effect. The Scorpion Dual is absolutely perfect for achieving this dazzling look as it’s made for use with fog in particular. And if you get bored, there’s 31 other patterns that you can use to jazz things up or you can always just set it to activate by sound and turn any room into a dance party!


Party Room Effects:


Step up your decoration game and light up a room in your home with laser lights. Angle from the floor up (rather than the ceiling down) and you’ll have a display of lights creeping up your walls. Add some spider webs, skulls, and hairy spiders to simulate some kind of futuristic insect den. Or just create a room of chaos by adding in some deafening noise and strobe effects to overload the senses! The MIN Laser RG works excellently for this kind of effect because it uses thousand of red and green beams so it really gives some complexity to your scene.


Outside Home Decorations:
laser dots light

Ditch your old Christmas and Halloween string-lights and show up your neighbors with outdoor laser lights. Rather than spending hours stringing lights around your trees and the side of your house, light everything up at once with outdoor laser beams like Laser Dots. You’ll get the same speckled effect as if you had hung up lights, only with more movement and the boldness of laser power! Simply aim the beams and let the lights do the work. It might require a bit of ingenuity to incorporate it into your general spooky scheme of ghosts and skeletons, but you’ll definitely stop some traffic using lasers to light your home up on Halloween.


Vortex Effects in Fog

Yeah, alright – lasers look cool. They’re bright. Dogs and cats chase ’em. Sure, sure. You get it. But the thing that people seem to overlook is how freakin’ awesome ANY moving laser looks when it’s paired with fog. Take a look at our Vortex Gloves in some fog and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

Looks like you’re time-traveling through a billion evil protoplasmic dimensions, doesn’t it? It’s the perfect laser effect for giving that unearthly, futuristic vibe where you’re transforming or teleporting to different scenes. Honestly, the videos are great but it doesn’t do it justice, so if you find yourself with any of our laser effects, don’t forget to try them out with fog to give your guests an unforgettable visual effect.

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