Halloween 2014: A FrightProps Wrap-Up

Well haunters, we waited all year for the time where freaks like us get to rise up, cover ourselves in fake blood, and scare the dickens out of men, women, and children alike. And just like that, it’s over far too soon!

sad pumpkin

Not to worry though, because people like us eat, sleep, and breathe Halloween 365 days a year. Sure, maybe you get a little bummed and turn into a zoned out candy-munching zombie for a few days. That’s reasonable.  But after a week of watching your jack-o-lanterns rot on the porch, you’re up late at night, hidden under the covers with a flashlight, reading your FrightProps catalog.

Us creeps here at the ol’ warehouse had an utterly outstanding year thanks to brave, bold, and demented people like yourself. We saw our customers take full advantage of all of our new awesome products like our prop chainsaw (cleverly dubbed “The Frightsaw”), our new LED lights, Ape Escape/Laboratory Chimp Prop, and Talking Siamese Skeleton – just to name a few. We’re also super proud that this year we partnered with some of the coolest people in the Halloween world to offer stuff from Brutal Rust, Hot Wire Foam Factory, and When Hinges Creak.

gorilla prop siamese skeleton frightsaw_2_1 ape escape

Personally, our Halloween was done exactly how you’d think a bunch of moral miscreants like us would do it. We guzzled drinks at Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den and managed to make it out to notoriously terrifying haunts like Dead End Hayride, Scream Town, Valleyscare, and The Haunted Basement! Our FrightProps power-couple, Scott (Creative Director) and Kathleen (Shipping Manager), who are getting married this weekend, took to trick-or-treating with some youngsters and actually ran out of candy to hand out at their own house! As for the rest of the crew, we all tore the night up wearing inappropriate costumes, hopping from watching bands and fire-eaters in a garage to hitting up warehouse dance parties in the early hours of the next day.


This Halloween season was such an overwhelming success for us here at FrightProps – and we couldn’t have done it without all of our dedicated and brilliant customers. Every day we come to work, we feel privileged and honored to help some of the most creative minds in the industry work towards the common goal of haunting the entire world. Thanks to each and every one of you! Keep your eyes on the blog for news, sales, contests, customer creations, and more DIY haunting techniques!

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