HACKED: A Haunt Nation Magazine Contest Sponsored by FrightProps!


Attention prop builders of all skill levels! Haunt Nation Magazine has issued a challenge! Putting the smarts of haunters everywhere to the test, HACKED runs from May 23rd to June 27th – so if you haven’t started, get on it!


The rules aren’t complicated – all you’ve got to do is build a prop using eight out of the ten listed items! Send a photo of the items, the prop when it’s all done, and explain how you used each item. Best of all, it’s stuff that actually makes sense to use – PVC piping, hot glue, etc. I guess Haunt Nation decided not to force haunters to use a banana, a pair of gym shorts, and a VHS copy of Hellraiser.


And such effort does not come without a reward! The winner will receive a $50 FrightProps gift card among many other excellent prizes!


Previously, Haunt Nation held a contest where they asked people to hack a Christmas prop. While I think we’re all used to watching haunters go above and beyond for the art that they (sometimes literally) bleed for, the werewolf prop that MadCity Haunt made was stunning!

Obviously with that kind of fantastic work, even if you’re not going to compete in the contest, keep your eyes peeled to see the amazing entries and final winner. And for a full list of rules, check out the flyer below! Now go forth and haunt the entire world!


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