Yeah, yeah, we know – Thanksgiving isn’t here yet! But that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you right now how thankful we are for the frights, fears and horrors that all our friends and family have unleashed across the globe this year!

We’ve seen some truly wicked stuff this year: Props that are as gory as they are ingenious, and decorations that are as beautiful as they are brilliant. But we want to see more – and we want the entire world to see these magnificent creations as well!

So send us your freaky, your bloody, your finest Halloween creations just yearning to breathe free! Post videos on our Facebook page, Tweet them and mention us, and put them on Instagram and tag FrightProps in your post! We’ll add them to our world famous Customer Videos & Pics page, show them off on social media and even feature THREE of our favorites on our main site! All we ask is that you mention what parts of it you got from your pals at FrightProps!


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