FrightProps Wins A Science Fair: Sort Of


Alright, so WE didn’t exactly win a science fair – but Morgana certainly did! Her awesome presentation on using pneumatic cylinders and pressurized air to scare people fills our ghoulish hearts with glee!

After winning a local science fair, her project moved on to the district finals and ended up at the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF). Morgana took home a 1st place prize in Excellence in Structural and Environmental Engineering! Here’s a gif of her standing in front of her pneumatic arm!


And how did we find out that we were involved in such a tremendously cool project? Well, Morgana is our old pal Rev’s daughter! He contacted us when she first entered the competition and followed up with some photos of the two of them, beaming with excitement and holding awards.

image1 image2

According to our pal, his daughter is also working on something of particular interest to haunters and Halloween enthusiasts everywhere: a local pneumatics club! With any luck, maybe we’ll see schools everywhere adopt similar programs leading to haunted science fairs, Halloween prop building courses, and our final perfect vision: all high schools eventually converted into giant haunted houses!

Our congratulations again to Morgana!

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