FrightProps Special Appearances In Halloween 2014


We saw our Halloween props, accessories and decorations featured in more places than ever this past Halloween! For a close-knit and independent company like ours, we were extremely honored and frankly blown away to see such a huge interest from the public in the unique work we do. It’s also exciting because it further proves to us something we desperately want to believe in our decaying hearts – that Halloween is getting bigger and being celebrated by more haunters than ever!

Most notably, we saw one of our best selling products make an appearance on national TV, right alongside one of our friends’ amazing props. Our carnivorous, man-eating plant puppet can be seen right next to Ellen Degeneres before she introduces a hilarious segment featuring a terrifying Chair Screamer prop.

Across the web, a number of FrightProps products were used in a few projects by an exceptionally creative individual named Jason Poel Smith – someone who is as industrious as he is curious. While Jason maintains his own blog, DIY Hacks and How-Tos, he’s also a regular contributor to sites like MAKE: and Instructables. This last Halloween, Jason came up with a few ultra clever uses for our prop controllers and motors. The first involves using our PicoBoo controller to automate sound effects as well as create some some real, in-person sound effects – an excellent concept. The next DIY project, Jason chose a super practical example and created a tutorial showing how to make automatically moving props by animating one of our severed hand props using magnets.


We were also really stoked about showing up in an article written by Jam Kotenko for the widely-read online newspaper, The Daily Dot. Jam did a great job outlining the relevance of technology in haunted houses – something that all of us certainly know quite a bit about, but would probably surprise the general public. A lot of people have no idea the sort of ingenuity that lies behind some of their favorite scary props. Us here at FrightProps were proud that the author tapped our Creative Director, Scott, for a few words about our pneumatics and prop controllers. Click the image and give it a read, would ya?

high tech haunted houses

Speaking of the Creative Director himself, Scott was also profiled and interviewed by a local paper for a feature on Rogue Taxidermy – his passion outside of Haunted Houses and all things paranormal and spooky. If you didn’t see our previous post on some of Scott’s potential TV appearances, then you are probably unaware of what a pivotal figure he is in the world of gruesome and fringe taxidermy.

Scott Rogue Taxidermy

While the article certainly mentions Halloween season, the reason for the interest in the horrific art form actually comes from a new book published by a friend of ours named Robert Marbury, “Taxidermy Art: A Rogue’s Guide To The Work, The Culture, And How To Do It Yourself.”

These are just a few examples of the wacky places outside of haunted attractions that FrightProps pops up at, both locally and across the entire country. Of course, every week or two we find our props and animatronic components showing up in all sorts of different places, both in the world of Halloween and horror along with more “normal” (ha!) and everyday uses. Hopefully with the latter category, all that time spent browsing our site and sorting through our catalog infects them with the haunting spirit, pushing them to devise their own sinister scares!

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