FrightProps & Screamline Studios! Partners in Mayhem!


We here at FrightProps have been in this big ol’ Halloween business for over ten years now! That’s intense, man. How have we done it, you may ask? Well, aside from constantly perfecting our Halloween props and working tirelessly to give people the best deals on haunted house supplies, we have some fantastic friends in this crazy industry.

One of the more recent alliances we’ve made is with a company called Screamline Studios. Owned by award winning makeup artist, Jason Blaszczak, these fiendish fabricators are based out of Painesville, OH and specialize in realistic weaponry and disturbing prosthetics. We think they’re the best bang, smash, slash and creep for your buck!

cc5d9b54019557f42ad7a7d9f01fb862_86lsOne of the reasons we’re so excited to be working with Screamline Studios is the quality and lifelike appearance of their weapons. On top of that, they’ve got a ton of different types! Looking for a colorful mallet for a sadistic clown? What about a baseball bat covered in blood that you don’t have to worry busting your fellow-haunters’ faces up by swinging around? Then look no further, freaks!

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Using real hickory wood and high quality foam, each prop is lightweight, painstakingly detailed and true-to-life….and death!

In addition to the gruesome prop weapons of Screamline Studios, FrightProps also carries some cool fake weapons from a variety of other manufacturers! Whether you’re looking for a regular fake knife, a bone saw, or a rusted and bloody meat cleaver, you’ll find a sick selection from your favorite haunted house and Halloween nerds at FrightProps!

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