FrightProps’ Revolutionary New Steel Rack Will Change the Way You Look at Haunted Houses

Okay, maybe not really — but we’re still impressed that the dreadlocked duo of Grant and Max managed to fabricate a steel rack in just a few days. As our relocation from Tampa, FL was done in a limited amount of time, we were forced to contend with steel beams laying on the floor in the back of the warehouse. And god forbid you ever had to extract one from the mess: you’d get your foot caught and take a fall about half of the time.

imagethe cursed metal floor of doom


Somehow our fearless leader, Doug, managed to mobilize these two mutants into creating what is perhaps the most helpful and space-saving device known to mankind: a big steel rack.


They were yelled at to get back to work making new Halloween props shortly after this photo was taken. We’re so proud.

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