FrightProps Presents: Brutal Rust!

Rust Dust

Only 62 days left until Halloween, people! Do you know how thrilling that is? Sure you do — because if you’re reading this Halloween blog, then you’re just as obsessed with this holiday and way of life as we are! After all, Halloween is our business…and business is good!

So although it’s still nearly TWO FULL MONTHS away before the coveted day of madness that we’re all waiting for, there are certain things you don’t have time to fool around with. Do you plan your Halloween costume a day before a huge party? Certainly not. So when it comes to building your own Halloween and haunt props, whether you’re making animatronic zombies or painting decaying corpses, the idea of putting something together at the last minute is obscene!


Luckily, there’s a way to save you some much needed time when it comes to decorating your Halloween props and haunted house sets — BRUTAL RUST! Brutal Rust is an iron-reactive paint that gives foam, PVC pipes, plastic, sheet rock and even wood that rusty, post-apocalyptic, industrial look. Best of all, Brutal Rust is easily to apply and begins rusting after just an hour. Check out the videos for real demonstrations and more information:



So do yourself a favor and make your handcrafted props look as creepy and rusty as you imagined them. Grab some Brutal Rust and don’t forget to send us over some before and after photos so we can show off what happens when our brilliant customers team up with brilliant products!


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