FrightProps Is Your Halloween and Haunted House One-Stop Shop!

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Maybe you knew this already, but we work with a lot of people in a lot of different industries. It’s kind of the way our company was built – one day some dude named Doug, a haunt-builder himself, rubbed his temples in confusion and said, “why isn’t there one place where I can buy all the stuff I need for Halloween and haunted house supplies?”

Lo and behold, years later, such a place exists. And what do you know, it’s actually us – the creeps who haunt an old warehouse in Minneapolis, MN and call it FrightProps.

While we build zombies, build motion platforms, assemble infrared sensor triggers, and haul boxes full of haunted house lights across the warehouse I’m posting from, we work with a ton of different suppliers across the entire world to deliver the best products to the best people for the best holiday of all time — Halloween!

To give you a better idea of how many suppliers we work with, check out the following companies and click the logos to be magically transported through a series of digital tubes to the products we carry on our site.

frightprops-brands-darklight  frightprops-brands-fright-ideasfrightprops-brands-froggys-fog  frightprops-brands-chauvet frightprops-brands-hot-wire-foam-factory  frightprops-brands-american-djfrightprops-brands-smooth-on  frightprops-brands-buttkicker frightprops-brands-izombie  frightprops-brands-lights-alivefrightprops-brands-brightsign  frightprops-brands-screamline-studiosfrightprops-brands-behringer  frightprops-brands-atmosfear frightprops-brands-antari  frightprops-brands-xeno-glow frightprops-brands-when-hinges-creak  frightprops-brands-vortex-chillers frightprops-brands-ultra-projector  frightprops-brands-trick-or-treat-studios frightprops-brands-the-torture-factory  frightprops-brands-sinister-signs frightprops-brands-shot-in-the-dark  frightprops-brands-poison-props frightprops-brands-ny-fire-shield  frightprops-brands-midnight-syndicate frightprops-brands-master-flame  frightprops-brands-skeleton-store frightprops-brands-hires-designs  frightprops-brands-distortions

Got something spooky, brilliant, or just flat out insane that you’re looking to get out to the haunted house and Halloween community? Get in touch with us through the Contact form on our main site and let’s talk! Maybe you’ll see your company’s name and logo listed up here one of these days.


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