FrightProps Gets a Reality TV Show?

Well, almost.

Evidently the gruesome crew of FrightProps has been approached on more than one occasion to enter the world of reality TV. Back in 2012, our Creative Director, Scott Bibus was approached for a taxidermy reality show. When reached for comment, Scott went into incredible detail about the experience:


“Um, yeah, I think that was going to be a reality show about me being weird.”

While the FrightProps team knew that Bibus had rejected the proposal, we didn’t know precisely why he turned down the offer. According to our morbid co-worker, the reason was as follows:


Uh…because I don’t give a shit.”


Great interview, Scott. Well, it looks like the potential show remains a murky mystery in the life of a lonely bearded freak, but he did manage to fortunately get a pretty killer “sizzle reel” to shine a light on the experience.

Please direct all autograph requests to the FrightProps Facebook page.

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