FrightProps Buys A Halloween Hearse



We’ve got a few new things at FrightProps. Our haunted house prop fabricators, Max and Grant, acquired a new kitten which they have named “Hashtag” – although they insist its name is just “#”. Our famous shop dog, Kensey, received a custom made giant piece of toast to wear. Meanwhile, our Creative Director, Scott, did what he always does and ordered something super gross in a jar off the internet. I also saw some small plaques in his office, leading me to believe he may be making more morbid taxidermy soon.


However, the most exciting of all is the brand new addition to the FrightProps fleet of vehicles – bringing the grand total to a whopping TWO! Yes, that’s right – the rumors are true: FrightProps has purchased a hearse to accompany our pick-up truck.


Using the magic of a mysterious online auction service known as “Ebay”, our frightful leader, Doug, purchased a 1971 Superior Funeral Coach from a guy in Missouri. The seller was sad to see it go — and for good reason. As far as we can tell, it may need a new muffler, but aside from that, this heinous beast runs like a champ!


And yes, that’s right – this hearse came with a USED COFFIN as well. Evidently this coffin was used as a vessel to carry bodies when people couldn’t afford their own. Yikes.

So the question is, what do we do with such a magnificent creation? Ideally, we’d drive it around and haunt the whole country. Maybe we’ll deck it out in Halloween decorations and give it some sort of custom paint job with a zombie tearing out of the back. We could use some of our pneumatics to add some reaching arms tearing out of the windows or put in a motor to make the coffin lid open and close.

Or we could just throw on some creepy Halloween costumes and go through the Taco Bell drive through for some laughs. Either way, whatever we come up with, you can rest assured that we’ll be documenting all of the horror on this here haunted house blog.

While you await our hellish mobile creation, check out these ten other ridiculous hearses that we’ve fallen in love with.

10. Black Winged Hearse52t0Lpv

I can’t think of a better way to be prepared for our impending doom than riding around in a winged hearse with what looks to be machine guns mounted on the front. Although that dude looks a little too serious to be your only pal in the post-apocalyptic world.


9. Monster Truck Hearsemonster truck hearse

…except maybe driving around a hearse that doubles as a monster truck.


8. Abraham Lincoln’s Hearseabe lincoln hearse

Even though we’re known for our being the crazy guys who are way too into scaring people and haunted houses, even we have respect for some things.


7. The Motorcycle Sidecar Hearsemotorcycle hearse

In my research about the motorcycle sidecar hearse, I found that there’s actually a few places in the United States and a place in England that specialize in motorcycle hearse funerals. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense – if you lived your life adoring motorcycles, why would you want to be taken away in anything but one?


6. The Bicycle Hearsebike hearse

For our non-motorized, eco-friendly friends out there. Plus, look at how cool this dude is — check out that lean. Lookin’ good, usher of the undead.


5. Prius HearsePrius Hearse

A hybrid of the eco-friendly and the motorized hearse. GET IT? A HYBRID? Oh man, we’re just the funniest guys in the haunted house business, aren’t we?


4. Tony’s Sexy Barbershop HearseeDNUF

I’m not sure I understand it, but one thing I do know is that it’s PURE GENIUS. Proof that a hearse is a perfect marketing opportunity regardless of your line of work.


3. This Hearse With A Tent On Ittent_on_top

Want to know why there’s a tent on top of this dusty hearse with European license plates? Yeah, I’ll bet you do. Long story short – there’s a huge rally trip organized where you drive from Budapest, Hungary, through Europe and down into Morocco, finishing eventually in Bamako, Mali. I’ve been trying to find a more detailed way to summarize what these three guys were doing, but I’ll refer you to their blog here. Also, if I’m not mistaken, these three brave whackos drove this hearse and camped the entire time while wearing suits and top hats. WHAT.


2. Barbie Hearse3qf3nRb

Someone asked me who my celebrity crush was yesterday. As I don’t care much about celebrities, I couldn’t come up with an answer. However, I’m pretty sure if she’s considered a celebrity, it’s the owner of this hearse. Evidently she has a website for this thing, too.


1. The Creepiest Hearse EverXXT6AWs

Whether it moves or not, this is probably the scariest vehicle you could ever catch a glimpse of sitting in your mysterious neighbor’s backyard. Just imagine what sort of horrible spiders and rotting animals await you inside.

So there you have it, kids. Another chapter begins in the book of one of the strangest companies on the planet – FrightProps. Know of any other hearses that will make us vomit blood and slime in excitement? Leave us a comment!

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4 Responses to FrightProps Buys A Halloween Hearse

  1. John Lawson says:

    We’ve talked about making a rust-mobile for a long time. I would be glad to supply you the Rust Dust for free if you’ll use it on the hearse. You could do some pretty sweet logos in rust. I would apply a rust prevention primer first, because our products will rust actual metal.

  2. I have a very sick nephew.
    It makes me happy to see just how sick he is!
    It makes me very proud to see that he is looking for creative ways for real people to actually bury their dead… a real Fright Props funeral service would do a freaking blockbuster business!

    Douglas, call your uncle and discuss travel plans in July, do not show up in that hearse!

  3. Ray Gates says:

    I’m glad to see that someone else has a respect for the “Formal Station wagon”. I recently purchased a 77 Caddy Hearse and can’t wait to cruise the 30 days of Halloween in my area. Proud to join the ranks of hearse owners an Halloween enthusiast. Love yore products and keep on haunting.

  4. Tony says:

    As one of your customers you might want to put some sinister eyes in the form of multi-color Halo Headlights. Imagine the halo on red it would give your hearse a look of being alive much like the “Christine” movie of 1983. Give your hearse a look of being sinister and evil. Go to our site and check it out.

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