Four Bizarre Music Videos for Haunted House Fans


So alright – if you haven’t been following the FrightProps Facebook or Twitter pages today, you’ve missed the latest and greatest news from the finest haunted house supplier on the planet. The latest news? Half of the staff has gone completely insane and is listening to nothing but “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal, stopping only for the rest of the Batman: Forever soundtrack a few times.

Needless to say, we’re all a little on edge here. It makes it a little difficult to count all these Halloween decorations and organize all of these pneumatic fittings. The power, the pleasure, the pain.

To balance out the mind-bending effect that listening to the same Seal song has on us, we’ve been on the lookout for some creepy music videos.  And boy, have we found them.


(unless you work at a company that makes Halloween props)



This is a video where a guy who has an automatic rifle tattooed on his cheek and stitches tattooed on his mouth (like a Scarecrow mask) tosses around bags of cocaine. He also talks about shooting people if they don’t have his money. Then he wears a pinhead Hellraiser mask and throws coke powder everywhere.

Supposedly, this dude is eighteen – which is probably the scariest part. Who knows how long we’ll hear from Stitches, unfortunately. I think he may have blown his cover as a drug dealer with this video.



I’ll get this out of the way: there’s some male and female nudity in this video. But chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably seen some weird stuff in your life and don’t have a problem with it. After all, we tend to cater to a certain “crowd” here in the world of haunted house supplies.

This video is brilliant, putting to use director Eric Wareheim’s (Tim & Eric Awesome Show) talent for creating that spooky cable access commercial vibe. But pretty quickly into the hard-hitting, synth driven track, you’re pushed to the limits of comfort as you watch this cult-turned-raver episode unfold. Plus, we like it because it looks like someone’s holding one of our Pop Blasters.

pop blaster



Another unsettling video by Eric Wareheim of “Tim & Eric Awesome Show” – but this one’s a little more straightforward in the horror. Gross dude with a machete? Sounds about right.



Probably the most famous of all insane music videos, Irish-born musician Richard D. James took the moniker of Aphex Twin and started being weird. And he kept being weird. And the crowning achievement of him being weird is this extremely unsettling video. You think haunted houses are scary? Imagine being a part of this mess. Gangs of evil children, a demon that climbs out of a TV – it’s basically chock-full of the stuff you wish was still played on MTV regularly. Another fun fact: this video was shot in a lot of the same places as A Clockwork Orange. Fitting, right?


Like that Aphex Twin video? Then click the link below and watch another collaboration between the director (Chris Cunningham) and Aphex Twin in a ultra-freaky-film called “Rubber Johnny”.


Alright, that’s all for now. Carry on and have fun never sleeping again. Keep on haunting in the free world. Stay kissed by a rose.

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  1. MoonHowler Productions says:

    Since you guys are listening to Seal….

    Here is another video you might enjoy:

    What do you get when you take four of the top musicians in scandinavian goth metal and let them do epic coverrs….you get Northern kings.

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