Flash Crackers, Flash Sticks, Flash Plates, and Pow Sticks!

Chances are if you’re into this whole haunted house thing, you probably figured out a pretty effective scare when you were a little kid. Whether you jumped out from around a corner and screamed at your little cousin or you had fun slamming your textbooks suddenly in class, the concept holds true at any age. Loud noises will scare even the most seasoned of haunted house attendees out there.

At FrightProps, we’ve made it our business to provide every last weirdo on the planet with some pretty excellent and inexpensive scare tools. One of our best and most consistently popular series of loud noisemakers is the Flash Cracker, Flash Stick, Flash Plate, and the Pow Stick (sometimes these products are referred to as e-crackers, electronic firecrackers or poppers). Paired up with our mobile packs, these crowd-freakers become super convenient and mobile. But how do you know which one to buy?

Well, if you’ve caught us at a trade show you’ve probably seen us yelling and screaming while firing these things off. But for those of you that haven’t caught us or perhaps can’t even remember amidst all the chaos, we decided to put together a blog post along with our video to explain the different products and their applications.




The most simple of the noisemaker props we carry, the cracker is frequently used by itself as an effective scare tool. However, it’s also frequently incorporated into props like our exploding fusebox. The loud cracking noise is enough to startle without sending someone into convulsions – although, as with any of these products, care should be taken not to set one off near someone’s ears. One of the more frequently asked questions with the Flash Cracker is how long it lasts. Truthfully, they can vary. We have customers that have used the same one for years and other people who have stated theirs failed after a few weeks. Because we have no way of finding out the conditions the Flash Cracker was used in, we’re unable to accept returns or service them.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 2.21.44 PM


Using just a regular AC cable, the Flash Stick is effective as an actor carried prop because it’s activation switch is located right on the unit. It’s a larger product with a longer body with a sound similar to the Flash Cracker, only a little deeper. One of the cool things about Flash Sticks is that they actually hold one charge after they’re unplugged from their cable, making it an unexpected scare for a lot of people.




Flash Plates are sort of a double whammy of Flash Crackers contained within an enclosure, making them easier to mount and providing more stability in case they get jostled around. Like the Flash Cracker, the plate also uses an on/off switch. They aren’t necessarily louder (although some people insist they are), but the presence of two crackers in the unit certainly generates more of a cacophony!


The biggest and the baddest of them all – the Pow Stick. Probably the most lightweight and inexpensive “bang for your buck” out there. It’s definitely not the kind of thing to aim at someone’s head or set off in a small, reverberating room. Similar to the Flash Stick, the Pow Stick also succeeds in being portable by using an AC cable and being able to hold one additional charge after it’s been unplugged. While the Flash Crackers and the Flash Plates are particularly good for imitating a rapid fire sound, Pow Sticks and Flash Sticks both have a bit of a delay after setting them off.

Now this definitely isn’t the end of the deafening and startling noises that FrightProps has to offer. Keep your bloodshot eyes glued to our blog here and we’ll have a blog up soon to show you the difference between some of our stomach-rumbling horns.

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