Five New Years Resolutions for Haunters

We survived Christmas – that means we’ve almost survived 2013. Even though it’s silly to think that the changing of the calendar means we’re released from all of the year’s troubles, we work at a company that makes haunted house stuff. We’re not exactly normal anyway.

Rather than make some sort of empty promise about losing weight, exercising, and volunteering at the zoo cleaning up dolphin waste, we’ve put together five New Year’s resolutions for haunters. Happy New Year!


5. Promise to Take Better Pictures


You know what? We get it. Not everyone has the time or the money to invest in professional lights or an expensive camera. Besides, there are plenty of other things that haunted houses need – better speakers, more sophisticated controllers, more severed limbs for the butcher room.

Sorry, folks. That reasoning isn’t going to cut it. These days you can buy a Canon PowerShot ELP 330 with 12.1 Megapixels for $134.99 on Amazon. Invest a little time learning some image editing software or hell, even Instagram has enough functional filters in it to make your image look decent.

Don’t believe us? We snapped this picture in Scott’s office using a cheap light and cell-phone camera and threw it through Instagram. Much better, right?


So let’s cut out all of these blurry, awful pictures taken in the dark and up our professionalism. It’s fun, and better pictures get your haunt more attention on social media sites.


4. Promise to Continue to Treat Our Actors Well


No two ways about it – the biggest asset to your haunt is having great actors. And while there are resources from masterminds like Allen Hopps to help heighten the actor-driven scares, what makes a good haunt actor is similar to what makes a good co-worker in any environment – enthusiasm. Some people are born naturally spritely and bouncing off the walls, but the rest of us usually need a little incentive to go the extra mile. You’d be amazed at how far buying a pizza once and a while goes in improving not only the mood of the people you’re working with, but their loyalty as well.


3. Make More Evil Foods

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A website recently claimed that Pinterest is only for bored housewives and teenage girls. Although the most popular pins on the site at this moment are about wedding dresses, One Direction, and eye make-up, the haunters on Pinterest have their own amazing boards full of cool homemade haunt tips, pictures of graveyards, and tantalizing Halloween foods. So whether you’re a 13 year old girl or a 30 year old bearded bald guy wearing a death metal t-shirt, try making at least one evil food this year. And then serve it to every OKCupid date until you find that special someone who doesn’t run away.


2. Make More Videos


Here at FrightProps, we love seeing our products and friends in action. Filming and presenting your hard work is part of what makes this industry so special – being able to see the genius of someone who is potentially thousands of miles away from you. And then secretly copying that idea.

Just kidding.

But seriously, the social aspect of the haunt industry is rare and special. Your videos spawn brilliant ideas and influence people into doing great things. And if that’s not enough, during the Halloween season, the more content we create for our attractions, the more we engage people and raise our number of victims – which means more Halloween props for next year.


1. Do More Ourselves


While we’re a company that loves and lives to supply the world with Halloween decorations, props, and pneumatics, we’re dedicated to haunting the whole world. We know we can’t be everywhere at once and there’s not a single haunter out there that doesn’t have a budget – that’s why we’ll always support all the DIY Halloween prop makers out there. Check out one of these excellent resources for putting together your own scares and save your money for things you can’t cut corners on – buying stuff like nuts & bolts, lights, motors, and pneumatic cylinders.

Garage of Evil
Instructables – Halloween


On Youtube:

Stiltbeast Studios
Scary Lady Videos

Hollywood Haunter

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