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FrightProps has everything you need to create incredible interactive video effects for your haunted house or Halloween display!  Working with audio/visual tech is not always the most straightforward endeavor, however.  We’ve put together a little tutorial to guide you through the process of creating a seamless triggered video effect using our Premium HD Video Player.

What you will need:

BrightSign Player
BrightAuthor Software
Video and Image Files of Choice
Controller of Choice
BrightSign Adapter
SD Card
SD Card Reader/Writer

Step One: Update your player!

This is an essential first step when working with Bright Sign players. The firmware shipped with your unit will almost certainly be out of date with the most recent release of the BrightAuthor Software. To update your player follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the Bright Author Software
  2. Under TOOLS select Setup BrightSign Unit01
  3. Name your player in the Name Specification field02
  4. Under Firmware click Specify Firmware Update
  5. Find your unit (FrightProps players are unit HD120) and select Production Release03
  6. Click OK
  7. Everything else can be left as the default settings
  8. Click Create Setup File
  9. Save the Setup Files to an SD Card04
  10. Insert the SD card into your BrightSign Player
  11. Power on the player
  12. The UPD light on the side of the player will blink yellow. This may take a few minutes. Once the update is complete you can remove your SD card and restart the player.
  13. Once the player has rebooted the screen should show your new firmware version number


Step Two: Create Your Effect!

The BrightAuthor software is a powerful tool for creating video effects, but it can be a bit tricky to figure out. Using the following steps we can create an effect that allows for a seamless transition between a still image or video and a triggered “scare effect” video. In our example we’ll be using a portrait from Hi-Rez Designs Paranormal Portraits video.

I have created two files: a 1920 x 1080 image file of the “normal” portrait, and a trimmed video file of the “scare effect”. Here’s how we use them together with the BrightAuthor software to create a triggerable changing video portrait!

  1. Under File select New Presentation05
  2. Name your video in the Save As section and select a folder to save your project
  3. Make sure your BrightSign Model is set to HD120
  4. Connector Type should be set to the appropriate output (we are using HDMI)
  5. Screen Resolution should be 1920x1080x60p
  6. Monitor Orientation should be set to Portrait for this application
  7. Set Monitor Overscan to No Overscan
  8. Click Create06
  9. Select a Template: Select Full Screen
  10. Click Choose07
  11. On the top right change the Playlist Type to Interactive08
  12. On the left in the Media Library under Files browse to the file location of your videos/images
  13. Select your “ambient” image or video and drag it into the Playlist field on the right09
  14. Select the “scare” image or video you want to trigger and drag it to the Playlist field on the right as well10
  15. You will notice the first file you placed is marked with a small house icon. This means that this is the file that will automatically be displayed when the player is not receiving any input
  16. There are 8 total input options for this player (0-7). We will be using input 0 to trigger our video effect.
  17. Click the 0 icon at the top of the Playlist field11
  18. Click and drag from the bottom of the first file onto the second file. This should create a directional arrow with the 0 icon in it as seen here.12
  19. This means that when input 0 receives a signal it will play our scare effect
  20. Lastly we want to let the player know that we want to return to the first file once the “scare” file is done playing
  21. Click on the Clapboard icon and drag from the lower edge of the “scare” file to the first file. This tells the player to revert to the “home” file when the triggered scare is finished.13
  22. Your video is now ready for export! Click the Publish tab at the top left.
  23. The software may prompt you to save your file. Do so.
  24. Next under Publish To browse to the location of your SD card and select it. You will want to make sure Standalone Unit is selected. Everything else can stay as it is.
  25. Click Publish14
  26. Once the file finishes and is complete click OK.15
  27. You’re done! Insert your SD card into your BrightSign player. Hook up your Input Adapter to your controller as show in the diagrams included with the unit. Triggering the appropriate output on your controller will now play your video effect with a seamless transition! You can use other outputs to trigger additional effects like air blasts and pneumatics. If your video is compatible you can also use a relay decoder to sync effects to your video.

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