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Tyler Barnett has recently introduced a strong ally to the world of haunted attraction planning. An experienced haunt designer himself, Tyler created and assembled these kits to help out professional and aspiring haunters alike. Using Google SketchUp (download it for free), you can now pre-plan and design your haunted attraction using popular scares and 3d objects found in most haunted houses from

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Incorporate tipping barrels, crates, and motion platforms into a virtual layout of your haunt — or design an entire maze using the provided wall panels.  The detail he’s included is highly impressive, even incorporating sound and lighting gear graphics. With a FrightProps collection coming soon, the site currently offers collections from the creative masterminds, Pale Night Productions, and the environment experts at NetherCraft. Be sure to keep your eye on and their blog in the future as according to Tyler, there’s more content to come:

“The Education Center at Haunt Design will be home to free articles, interviews, videos and resources…all in an effort to help sway the learning curve for its users. “This is a big step for us,” Barnett added. “But we’re trying to revolutionize the way people are designing their shows…and this is just our first leap forward.”

So what are you waiting for? Check out the first part of Haunt Design Kit’s “Getting Started” tutorial series. FrightProps approved!

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  1. Karen says:

    Tyler does amazing work!! I have been to his haunts and loved them&!!!!!!

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