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Check Out Haunt Design Kit!

haunt design kit final vector_master

Tyler Barnett has recently introduced a strong ally to the world of haunted attraction planning. An experienced haunt designer himself, Tyler created and assembled these kits to help out professional and aspiring haunters alike. Using Google SketchUp (download it for free), you can now pre-plan and design your haunted attraction using popular scares and 3d objects found in most haunted houses from


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An Overview of Pneumatic Cylinders

While we’ve had a “Support and Training Center” section on the main FrightProps site for a while now, we’ve recently decided that blogging all of our stuff might be a more effective way to help people out. Today, we’re going to provide a quick overview of how pneumatic cylinders work so you can get a better understanding how some of your favorite Halloween props are made.


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PVC Pipe = Baaaad!


Um, so… I was talking to a dude at a haunt today about a drop floor we recently shipped them.  During the conversation he mentioned that they had installed 2” PVC pipe to run compressed air throughout the haunt … and it was exploding!


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