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Halloween Laser Lights!

You already know from those late nights at the disco that laser lights add fluidity and movement to a venue, encouraging people to socialize and get dancin’! And if you use them in a haunt, you’re certainly aware that laser lights for haunted houses add an eerie and almost supernatural effect that can generate anxiety as well. They’re great for evil laboratory scenes, make super cool alien abduction effects, and add extra depth to those UV painted rooms. But actually there are tons of cool ways to use lasers that sometimes people forget about!


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Be our 2016 catalog cover model! #FrightFace


With more spooky props and devious devices than ever, our new 2016 catalog is almost complete! But there’s a problem: we need someone or SOMETHING to be our creeped-out cover model!


  • FIRST: Simply LIKE our contest post on our Facebook page!
  • THEN: Post a picture of yourself looking scared to our Facebook page with the hashtag #FrightFace!

And to increase your chances of winning, post your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr with #FrightFace!

On February 19th, we’ll randomly select THREE horrified contestants to be drawn on the cover of our new catalog by FrightProps’ famous illustrator and Bigfoot enthusiast, Tim Sievert! So take those terrified selfies, hashtag them #FrightFace and show the world who’s worthy of being our next cover star!

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By submitting your photo, you agree to allow FrightProps to use your likeness on the cover of our 2016 catalog.  Promotional image not indicative of final cover illustration. This promotion is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.

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Adirondack Chair Scare: Animatronic Prop!

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 3.06.06 PM

Another stellar submission from one of our faithful customers! Youtube user Utube4Oscar created this mechanical monstrosity using our latex skinned head, skinned arms, and skinned leg props! (more…)

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Mobile Packs for Haunting!


Us wacky weirdos at FrightProps certainly didn’t invent the haunted house. We didn’t invent fake blood and we didn’t event pneumatics. However, one thing we pride ourselves on is taking these fairly standard things and adapting them for the purposes of helping everyone creep out millions of people a year!

One of the more simple things we’ve put together is our Mobile Pack system. Whenever we go out to conventions, we usually bring a few of these with us and when people see them, they have about a million questions. So we figured we’d do a little write-up on our Mobile Packs to give you a better understanding of what these things are and how they actually work. (more…)

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Shock Mats for Haunted Houses

Shock Mat Sale

We’ve got brand new and improved SHOCK MATS in stock! At the same affordable price, these mats now come with a power supply and retain the option to use them with a 9V battery!

That’s great for two reasons – first, we’re able to offer a better product. Second, it means we’re dropping the prices on the old model (which ONLY offers use with a 9V battery) to give a great deal on anyone who knows they’ll just need the remote capabilities of the Shock Mats!

Shock Mat

“So, what’s a SHOCK MAT?

Every trade-show, we get this question about thirty times each day. And of course, we never get tired of explaining it to Halloween enthusiasts and haunt owners alike. Why? Because, we get to watch people shock themselves! (more…)

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How to Make a One-Piece Plaster Mold

Making a Plaster Mold

Making a plaster mold is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create a mold for reproducing your own latex props and masks. By just following a few simple steps you can create an inexpensive plaster mold of almost anything!

In this tutorial we’re going to be making a one-piece mold of a flat-backed prop. This technique works great for props that will be sitting the ground or hanging on a wall. It also works well for half-masks. If you are making a prop that needs to be seen in 360º detail, or a full over-the-head latex mask, you will probably need to make a two-piece mold, which we’ll cover in a different tutorial.


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FrightProps Presents: Brutal Rust!

Rust Dust

Only 62 days left until Halloween, people! Do you know how thrilling that is? Sure you do — because if you’re reading this Halloween blog, then you’re just as obsessed with this holiday and way of life as we are! After all, Halloween is our business…and business is good!


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Creating Amazing Interactive Halloween Video Props



FrightProps has everything you need to create incredible interactive video effects for your haunted house or Halloween display!  Working with audio/visual tech is not always the most straightforward endeavor, however.  We’ve put together a little tutorial to guide you through the process of creating a seamless triggered video effect using our Premium HD Video Player.


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Our Favorite Environment Scares

walking stick

Ah, the walking stick insect. Perhaps one of nature’s greatest marvels – specially designed to blend into the scenery for the purposes of defense. Can’t fight what you can’t see, can you?


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How to Paint a Latex Prop or Mask: The FrightProps Method


Salutations, haunted house and horror enthusiasts of the world! Today on the FrightProps blog, we’ve got an update from our master Creative-brainy-dude, Scott! In this post, Scott goes through the step-by-step process of painting our Skinned Chimp prop using some of FrightProps’ latex paints. So strap on your brain-helmets and prepare your spongy brain for maximum absorption.

Take it away, Scott!


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5 LED Lighting Myths DEBUNKED!


68DHEF6YYVnxeau5KSz414gSatzYzGy_PPOrC3-RyikWhen it comes to LED lighting, a lot of people think getting as many lights for as cheap as possible is the best way to go.  But that’s about the same idea as buying fast food cheeseburgers as opposed to going to buying one at a good restaurant. Sure – they taste pretty good and they’ll get you by (especially if you’re on a budget), but you absolutely notice the difference when you step it up a bit.

It’s the same concept with higher-end LED fixtures. Products like our Nano Spots are an excellent and totally economic solution, but there’s a reason we also offer higher end products. Invest in the right thing from the start and you’ll end up saving yourself money.

To hammer this point home, we’ll take a look at some of the myths that keep people on the “the cheaper, the better” school of thought. (more…)

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FrightProps Now Proudly Carries Hot Wire Foam Factory Products



Look, I’m not about to dog on anyone that goes out and buys a ton of pre-made products for their haunted house or haunted yard. Heck, we proudly build and sell our own animatronic skeletons and other scary creatures every single day. But there’s something magical about rolling up the sleeves on your stained hooded sweatshirt and getting your hands covered in fake blood. As the punk community says: D.I.Y. or DIE!

But seriously folks – we know not everyone is too handy with a hammer or great at using pneumatic cylinders and we respect that. Still, we always try to encourage all of our customers to challenge themselves and learn something about making Halloween props. One of the best places to start is by carving haunted house scenery like gravestones and statues using foam. It’s a lot cheaper to mess up a thing of foam rather than to accidentally set fire to an animated werewolf prop.

burning garbage


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Wiper Motor Tutorial 12vDC Parking Motors and PicoBoos

First and foremost, lets get the formalities out of the way. This tutorial is only about our PARKING MOTORS. And remember, whenever you’re working with any motor, make sure they’re completely disconnected so you don’t smash your widdle iddy biddy fingers. And please, never touch your tongue to any Halloween prop motor.



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How to Properly Clean a Fog Machine

Foggers, just like any other device in your haunt, need to be taken care of in order to continue working properly. Luckily, as they’re fairly simple in design, they’re easy to maintain.

We always recommend using actual fog machine cleaner fluid from companies such as Froggy’s, but in the event that you’re in a real pinch, you CAN use distilled water and vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Do not use tap-water. You’re also going to want to set some sort of schedule up – every 90 hours of use is a decent and memorable timeframe to clean your machine. And yes, we are aware that “clean your machine” probably sounds like a euphemism for something else.

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.10.28 PM


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How to Make a DIY Water Mister

Today we’re going to give you a technical treat and explain how to create a Do-It-Yourself Water Mister. Water misters are great in haunted houses because…well, they shoot mist. Spitting snakes, bursting pipes – maybe get creative and aim one at the front of someone’s pants and set-up a photo booth to prove that your haunt makes everyone pee themselves.

the most exciting music for a tube shooting water, ever



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