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FrightProps: Scaring Criminals

While we all work hard every single day to plan out ways to horrify our audiences, there are times that we forget that what we do is a little strange. To the average person, playing around with fake blood and trying to create realistic corpses on a budget isn’t exactly a common hobby out there. It’s funny to sit and think about how many times we’ve really frightened someone just by doing what we normally do – having a great time and loving Halloween.

Perhaps you remember a post we did a while ago about how two FrightProps employees scared an entire freight train by carrying around some gross props. While that’s a story we all love to re-telling over and over again, our pal Will Acree out in Louisville, KY recently shared our new favorite tale.



Here’s the message that Will sent us:

“I tested some of your blood formula on a platform next to my work station in the garage (just wanted to get a feel for how it would flow) and placed the sliced piglet on it (really great looking!). Apparently, someone was trying to break in the garage the other night. I had police at my door about an hour or so later…they found my “theft deterrent system” to be both effective and hilarious. Apparently, the guy who was trying to break in called the police due to the “fresh blood everywhere.”

We lost our minds laughing when we all read that! And of course, because we had to see it for ourselves, here’s a picture of Will’s “Theft Deterrent System”:

sliced piglet

Seriously – this is the kind of comedy we only dream of! But hey, maybe this could be a new business for FrightProps! We’ll put together some packages of fake blood and sliced piglets and get some sort of late night infomercial going!

Thanks to Will for sharing his cool story! And if you happen to have something freaky and funny to tell us about, hit us up on our Facebook!


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Shock Mats for Haunted Houses

Shock Mat Sale

We’ve got brand new and improved SHOCK MATS in stock! At the same affordable price, these mats now come with a power supply and retain the option to use them with a 9V battery!

That’s great for two reasons – first, we’re able to offer a better product. Second, it means we’re dropping the prices on the old model (which ONLY offers use with a 9V battery) to give a great deal on anyone who knows they’ll just need the remote capabilities of the Shock Mats!

Shock Mat

“So, what’s a SHOCK MAT?

Every trade-show, we get this question about thirty times each day. And of course, we never get tired of explaining it to Halloween enthusiasts and haunt owners alike. Why? Because, we get to watch people shock themselves! (more…)

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Sale on Cylinder Hook Up Kits!


We’re hitting it hard here over at the FrightProps laboratories. Wrapping mummies, pouring blood on zombies, yelling at computers while making web graphics – you know how it goes. We can only assume that you’re waist-deep in a pile of bones and fake intestines right about now. So to help ease the pain of getting started on your craziest creations, we’re giving you a darn good sale – 20% off all Cylinder Hook-Up Kits, both double-acting and single-acting. The fittings, solenoid, tubing – all that good stuff. Just add as many as you want to your cart and use code HOOKMEUP for 20% off.

Wanna know more about Hook-Up Kits? We’ll teach you all about them in the video below.

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HauntX, New Environment Scares and The Southside Battletrain

Anyone who knows the crew at FrightProps knows that we wear a lot of different hats, both within the company and outside of it! Recently, some of our fabricators dedicated a hell of a lot of time to help construct one of the craziest public projects ever put together in Minneapolis. (more…)

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Flash Crackers, Flash Sticks, Flash Plates, and Pow Sticks!

Chances are if you’re into this whole haunted house thing, you probably figured out a pretty effective scare when you were a little kid. Whether you jumped out from around a corner and screamed at your little cousin or you had fun slamming your textbooks suddenly in class, the concept holds true at any age. Loud noises will scare even the most seasoned of haunted house attendees out there.


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FrightProps Presents: Brutal Rust!

Rust Dust

Only 62 days left until Halloween, people! Do you know how thrilling that is? Sure you do — because if you’re reading this Halloween blog, then you’re just as obsessed with this holiday and way of life as we are! After all, Halloween is our business…and business is good!


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FrightProps & Screamline Studios! Partners in Mayhem!


We here at FrightProps have been in this big ol’ Halloween business for over ten years now! That’s intense, man. How have we done it, you may ask? Well, aside from constantly perfecting our Halloween props and working tirelessly to give people the best deals on haunted house supplies, we have some fantastic friends in this crazy industry. (more…)

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Our Favorite Environment Scares

walking stick

Ah, the walking stick insect. Perhaps one of nature’s greatest marvels – specially designed to blend into the scenery for the purposes of defense. Can’t fight what you can’t see, can you?


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Spotlight: When Hinges Creak, Haunted House Hardware!

When people ask me what I do, the response is always the same – “wow, I guess I never thought about the fact that these haunted houses have to buy their stuff from somewhere.” What we do here at FrightProps is certainly a niche market. Selling haunted house supplies from vampire teeth to motion platforms definitely isn’t a common line of work.


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FrightProps Is Your Halloween and Haunted House One-Stop Shop!

evil clown

Maybe you knew this already, but we work with a lot of people in a lot of different industries. It’s kind of the way our company was built – one day some dude named Doug, a haunt-builder himself, rubbed his temples in confusion and said, “why isn’t there one place where I can buy all the stuff I need for Halloween and haunted house supplies?” (more…)

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FrightProps Invades Midwest Haunters Convention!


The time has come again for us to unleash our unique brand of scares, fears, and frights upon our Midwest home! Come join four of your favorite FrightProps freaks on June 7th and 8th in Columbus, OH and check out our second biggest booth of all the conventions!

midwest haunters


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May Motor Mayhem! $5 Off All Prop Motors from FrightProps!


Every once and a while, the freaky fellows of your favorite haunted house supply company decide to give you a break. Maybe it’s something with the moon or the old rusty water pipes in our warehouse that are gradually poisoning us, but we’re feeling pretty generous lately for whatever reason. So we’re going to do something unheard of with our prop motors and motor kits – A SALE.



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5 LED Lighting Myths DEBUNKED!


68DHEF6YYVnxeau5KSz414gSatzYzGy_PPOrC3-RyikWhen it comes to LED lighting, a lot of people think getting as many lights for as cheap as possible is the best way to go.  But that’s about the same idea as buying fast food cheeseburgers as opposed to going to buying one at a good restaurant. Sure – they taste pretty good and they’ll get you by (especially if you’re on a budget), but you absolutely notice the difference when you step it up a bit.

It’s the same concept with higher-end LED fixtures. Products like our Nano Spots are an excellent and totally economic solution, but there’s a reason we also offer higher end products. Invest in the right thing from the start and you’ll end up saving yourself money.

To hammer this point home, we’ll take a look at some of the myths that keep people on the “the cheaper, the better” school of thought. (more…)

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Our New Handheld Air Horns

ghoul zombie

Greetings, boys and ghouls! This manic monday, we figured we’d take a moment out of your day to discuss something which is VERY EXCITING – to us, at least. But probably to a lot of you haunters as well!


Recently, we partnered with a company named after one of our favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs – Shot In The Dark Scare Tools!

We can all agree that having a good haunt means creating an immersive environment where your patrons/victims get lost in what’s going on. In order to do that, you undoubtedly have to take the time to properly decorate your halloween haunt. But decorations aren’t the end all of the process, are they? Everyone’s been inside of a haunt where the scenery and environments looked great, but for some reason the haunt was mysteriously lacking that feeling of urgent terror.


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Breaking News From FrightProps!

cat in battle armor

Ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate the beginning of the work week, we have a very exciting Monday announcement for you! After much deliberation and consulting our official Halloween think-tank, FrightProps is revolutionizing the way we we do business!

You see, running a company that provides Halloween decorations, pneumatic props, fake blood, and all the nuts and bolts in between isn’t easy. And it especially isn’t easy to do without some sort of terms and conditions.


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