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Hot Wire Foam Factory Contest and Sale!


Greetings, ghastly ghouls!

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks of Hot Wire Foam Factory to bring you a Halloween contest to rattle your bones and fill your life with foam! And while the contest goes, we’ll give you 10% all Hot Wire Foam Factory products ordered through FrightProps from now until October 16th!

The six greatest foam carvings, chosen by skill and creativity, will receive gift cards for Hot Wire Foam Factory products (ordered through FrightProps) to help them continue their creepy quests in making fearsome foam carvings!

1st Prize – $250 Hot Wire Foam Factory Credit

2nd/3rd Prize – $150 Hot Wire Foam Factory Credit

4th/5th/6th Prize – $50 Hot Wire Foam Factory Credit

Entering is simple! From now until October 16th, go to our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, or TWITTER, LIKE the contest post, and just submit your own foam carved creations to us by using hashtag #FRIGHTFOAM – and that’s all you need to do! On October 16, we’ll assemble all the entries and choose the winners!


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Be our 2016 catalog cover model! #FrightFace


With more spooky props and devious devices than ever, our new 2016 catalog is almost complete! But there’s a problem: we need someone or SOMETHING to be our creeped-out cover model!


  • FIRST: Simply LIKE our contest post on our Facebook page!
  • THEN: Post a picture of yourself looking scared to our Facebook page with the hashtag #FrightFace!

And to increase your chances of winning, post your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr with #FrightFace!

On February 19th, we’ll randomly select THREE horrified contestants to be drawn on the cover of our new catalog by FrightProps’ famous illustrator and Bigfoot enthusiast, Tim Sievert! So take those terrified selfies, hashtag them #FrightFace and show the world who’s worthy of being our next cover star!

facebook     twitter_circle_color-512     tumblr     instagram
 [Twitter] [Tumblr] [Instagram]


By submitting your photo, you agree to allow FrightProps to use your likeness on the cover of our 2016 catalog.  Promotional image not indicative of final cover illustration. This promotion is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.

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Christmas and Holiday Haunted Houses for 2015!

Zombie Santa

Here we go again, folks – honoring those lousy holidays that aren’t Halloween. Hot chocolate, warm cookies, singing happy songs and all those other things that a lot of us probably don’t care about because we’re too busy mentally preparing our haunted houses for next year. But whatever – the kids love it and so do some of the people we all really care about. And hey – there’s usually a ton of food for us to devour, right? (more…)

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Adirondack Chair Scare: Animatronic Prop!

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 3.06.06 PM

Another stellar submission from one of our faithful customers! Youtube user Utube4Oscar created this mechanical monstrosity using our latex skinned head, skinned arms, and skinned leg props! (more…)

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Cauldron Creep: DIY Halloween Prop

Creeps of all ages, shapes and sizes – gather around so we may tell you a tale! A tale of a sinister stirring creation!

Our friend JR Grant recently shared an amazing Cauldron Creep prop that he built using FrightProps Halloween technology! To bring the scares to the next level, he used one of our talking skulls!

Words from the creator:

“It’s the traditional Cauldron Creep design, with a PVC frame and 1 FrightProps motor controlling the head movement up and down and one the actually lifts the “body” up a little bit. I had to reinforce the PVC with two springs so the weight and movement of the talking skull didn’t shake the thing to pieces on halloween night. The Body is wrapped in black weed barrier, then some cloth strips over the top of it.

His voice is my voice tweaked through garage band, and powered by a speaker mounted on a 2×4 frame inside his upper torso. The cauldron is as you’d expect with one of your motors controlling the stirring.”

Have a spooky homemade Halloween prop using FrightProps supplies? Send it to us using our contact page!

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Winners of our #HardcoreHaunter Contest!

1st prize - Gary Berger

Ghouls of all shapes and sizes, FrightProps is proud to present to you the winner of our #HardcoreHaunter contest and a $100 gift card – Gary Berger of HauntNation Magazine!

The winners were selected by the entire FrightProps team from a pool of finalists! It certainly wasn’t easy given the amount of incredibly cool submissions we received. Some members of the team begged to abstain from voting entirely while others, such as our fabricator Grant, couldn’t stop changing their votes! (more…)

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New Personalized Tombstone Props!


FrightProps has something as spooky as it is exciting to unveil: new personalized tombstones! We’ve joined forces with the best dang sculptors in the business, Tombstone Factory, to bring you fully customizable and durable foam tombstones. Just head to the personalized tombstone or cemetery sign pages, select your style, finish, and whether or not you want your tombstone with a base and place your order! There’s also the option to order multiple pre-made tombstones and signs at once with the ten tombstone package or upgrade to the complete package and get a customized sign as well. There’s a ton of different styles and options – check them all out on our TOMBSTONES & GRAVEYARD section of our site! (more…)

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FrightProps: Scaring Criminals

While we all work hard every single day to plan out ways to horrify our audiences, there are times that we forget that what we do is a little strange. To the average person, playing around with fake blood and trying to create realistic corpses on a budget isn’t exactly a common hobby out there. It’s funny to sit and think about how many times we’ve really frightened someone just by doing what we normally do – having a great time and loving Halloween.

Perhaps you remember a post we did a while ago about how two FrightProps employees scared an entire freight train by carrying around some gross props. While that’s a story we all love to re-telling over and over again, our pal Will Acree out in Louisville, KY recently shared our new favorite tale.



Here’s the message that Will sent us:

“I tested some of your blood formula on a platform next to my work station in the garage (just wanted to get a feel for how it would flow) and placed the sliced piglet on it (really great looking!). Apparently, someone was trying to break in the garage the other night. I had police at my door about an hour or so later…they found my “theft deterrent system” to be both effective and hilarious. Apparently, the guy who was trying to break in called the police due to the “fresh blood everywhere.”

We lost our minds laughing when we all read that! And of course, because we had to see it for ourselves, here’s a picture of Will’s “Theft Deterrent System”:

sliced piglet

Seriously – this is the kind of comedy we only dream of! But hey, maybe this could be a new business for FrightProps! We’ll put together some packages of fake blood and sliced piglets and get some sort of late night infomercial going!

Thanks to Will for sharing his cool story! And if you happen to have something freaky and funny to tell us about, hit us up on our Facebook!


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FrightProps Wins A Science Fair: Sort Of


Alright, so WE didn’t exactly win a science fair – but Morgana certainly did! Her awesome presentation on using pneumatic cylinders and pressurized air to scare people fills our ghoulish hearts with glee! (more…)

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Only 298 Days Until Halloween

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 11.06.25 AM

Well folks, we did it. At least if you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you’re not some sort of undead goon that came back from the grave to browse articles about haunted houses, right? Although given the amount of Aunt Ethel’s lavender muckberry pie that you’ve consumed over the last few weeks, you might just feel like one of those corpses you’ve been painting in the garage.


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Our Favorite Halloween Prop Creations of 2014


We’ve got this weird bond with our customers in the haunted house industry that’s pretty cool – when they do well, we do well. Because we realize how important it is to provide support and how-to information to the people that keep us inspired (and employed!), we’ve gained a solid reputation among Halloween fans everywhere for always being willing to help out. In addition to our direct Email support to customers around the world, we also have an entire section with DIY diagrams for Halloween props and animatronics.

Why do we spend so much time creating and revising our diagrams? Why do we make such an effort answering questions, you ask? Well, quite simply, it’s because we realize that every single one of our customers is an artist of sorts. Only instead of watercolors or pastel crayons, you use fake blood and slime. Instead of a canvas, you use skeleton props, carving foam and zombie masks. And even though we’re not the ones who got our hands dirty (except on our own props, of course), we’re the Halloween freaks who get to check out some of the coolest and most inventive props every year when our friends send us their new scary props.

Being that we’re so proud of our people out there haunting hard every day, constantly thinking of new ways to terrify us all, we’d like to share our favorite Halloween props from 2014. And if you have a prop of your own that you created using some of our stuff, leave us a comment, send us an Email, or send us a message on our Facebook!


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HACKED: A Haunt Nation Magazine Contest Sponsored by FrightProps!


Attention prop builders of all skill levels! Haunt Nation Magazine has issued a challenge! Putting the smarts of haunters everywhere to the test, HACKED runs from May 23rd to June 27th – so if you haven’t started, get on it!


The rules aren’t complicated – all you’ve got to do is build a prop using eight out of the ten listed items! (more…)

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More Stuff from Friends of FrightProps

Siamese Skeleton

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts about working here is connecting with our customers and seeing what sort of innovations bright-minded people are bringing to the table using our haunted house supplies. In the past, we featured a brilliant Ursula from the Little Mermaid costume made from our tentacle props, some promotional stuff for Kraken Rum from Miss Cakehead, and a low-rider ice cream cart from the talented people at Blackout Signs.

Recently we got a few more submissions that had us all nodding our heads in approval. We’d like to share them with you because we’re so kind and generous and giving. And because we like bragging about our people.


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Latest Cool Customer Creations


We’re still getting ready for the greatest event of the year – TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions show in St. Louis! As we prepare to submerse ourselves amongst a plethora of freaks and animatronic props, we can’t help but wonder what everyone else is doing. While anyone who has ever browsed our site knows we supply all sorts of pneumatics, fittings, and electronics to people across the Halloween haunt industry, a lot of our customers aren’t just all about bloody skeletons and gory props.


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Our Tentacle Props Awaken the Kraken


While we love and cherish each and every one of our halloween prop loving customers, we have a special affinity for the creative geniuses out there who document their work and send it to us!


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