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Be our 2016 catalog cover model! #FrightFace


With more spooky props and devious devices than ever, our new 2016 catalog is almost complete! But there’s a problem: we need someone or SOMETHING to be our creeped-out cover model!


  • FIRST: Simply LIKE our contest post on our Facebook page!
  • THEN: Post a picture of yourself looking scared to our Facebook page with the hashtag #FrightFace!

And to increase your chances of winning, post your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr with #FrightFace!

On February 19th, we’ll randomly select THREE horrified contestants to be drawn on the cover of our new catalog by FrightProps’ famous illustrator and Bigfoot enthusiast, Tim Sievert! So take those terrified selfies, hashtag them #FrightFace and show the world who’s worthy of being our next cover star!

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By submitting your photo, you agree to allow FrightProps to use your likeness on the cover of our 2016 catalog.  Promotional image not indicative of final cover illustration. This promotion is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.

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Haunted House Christmas

Even the crew over here at FrightProps can’t resist getting a little bit into the holiday spirit. As part of an effort to psych people up for the return of our BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAY social media giveaways, we hacked a Santa Claus prop to put our own twist on the holiday!

Here’s how he started:



Looks like a decent fellow, right? The prop itself is pretty nice! Talking Santa says a variety of Christmas phrases and rocks back and forth in whatever chair you set him in. It’s pretty easy to assemble (took less than ten minutes) and rocked back and forth pretty consistently without any weird bugs or hiccups. Until we got ahold of him, of course. (more…)

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Winners of our #HardcoreHaunter Contest!

1st prize - Gary Berger

Ghouls of all shapes and sizes, FrightProps is proud to present to you the winner of our #HardcoreHaunter contest and a $100 gift card – Gary Berger of HauntNation Magazine!

The winners were selected by the entire FrightProps team from a pool of finalists! It certainly wasn’t easy given the amount of incredibly cool submissions we received. Some members of the team begged to abstain from voting entirely while others, such as our fabricator Grant, couldn’t stop changing their votes! (more…)

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FrightProps: Scaring Criminals

While we all work hard every single day to plan out ways to horrify our audiences, there are times that we forget that what we do is a little strange. To the average person, playing around with fake blood and trying to create realistic corpses on a budget isn’t exactly a common hobby out there. It’s funny to sit and think about how many times we’ve really frightened someone just by doing what we normally do – having a great time and loving Halloween.

Perhaps you remember a post we did a while ago about how two FrightProps employees scared an entire freight train by carrying around some gross props. While that’s a story we all love to re-telling over and over again, our pal Will Acree out in Louisville, KY recently shared our new favorite tale.



Here’s the message that Will sent us:

“I tested some of your blood formula on a platform next to my work station in the garage (just wanted to get a feel for how it would flow) and placed the sliced piglet on it (really great looking!). Apparently, someone was trying to break in the garage the other night. I had police at my door about an hour or so later…they found my “theft deterrent system” to be both effective and hilarious. Apparently, the guy who was trying to break in called the police due to the “fresh blood everywhere.”

We lost our minds laughing when we all read that! And of course, because we had to see it for ourselves, here’s a picture of Will’s “Theft Deterrent System”:

sliced piglet

Seriously – this is the kind of comedy we only dream of! But hey, maybe this could be a new business for FrightProps! We’ll put together some packages of fake blood and sliced piglets and get some sort of late night infomercial going!

Thanks to Will for sharing his cool story! And if you happen to have something freaky and funny to tell us about, hit us up on our Facebook!


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How to Make a One-Piece Plaster Mold

Making a Plaster Mold

Making a plaster mold is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create a mold for reproducing your own latex props and masks. By just following a few simple steps you can create an inexpensive plaster mold of almost anything!

In this tutorial we’re going to be making a one-piece mold of a flat-backed prop. This technique works great for props that will be sitting the ground or hanging on a wall. It also works well for half-masks. If you are making a prop that needs to be seen in 360º detail, or a full over-the-head latex mask, you will probably need to make a two-piece mold, which we’ll cover in a different tutorial.


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Catch FrightProps at Halloween Extreme in Orlando, FL!

halloween extreme

You asked, so we’re doing it! Catch FrightProps at Halloween Extreme out in Orlando, FL! We’ll be in booth #203 with all sorts of goofy stuff to amaze and freak you out with! Who knows, we might even have some CASH & CARRY for ya!

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Bloodthirsty Thursday: 5/7 Edition!


Time for another edition of BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAYS! This week we have the following prizes:


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HauntX, New Environment Scares and The Southside Battletrain

Anyone who knows the crew at FrightProps knows that we wear a lot of different hats, both within the company and outside of it! Recently, some of our fabricators dedicated a hell of a lot of time to help construct one of the craziest public projects ever put together in Minneapolis. (more…)

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TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show is NOT open to the public. Attendees must meet strict guidelines in order to attend. But we have good news for you!

FrightProps can grant credentials to a limited number of our customers! If you want to go to TransWorld, but don’t think you would qualify to get in, contact us and we MIGHT be able to get you a letter that will serve as your credentials to get into the show. You’ll still have to pay the regular admittance fees, but this is a great chance to come see the best the industry has to offer.

Get at us using our contact page!

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Scott and Kathleen Tie The Knot!

scott and kathleen2

Speaking for myself, it was probably one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to – and not because I was officiating it! From the gory cupcakes to the taco bar, the food was fantastic. And the entertainment, provided by a genuine mariachi trio and a friend of ours working the DJ station, certainly made for the perfect unconventional wedding that was just normal enough to make all the non-haunters happy. Of course, the generous open bar certainly helped as well. (more…)

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Halloween 2014: A FrightProps Wrap-Up

Well haunters, we waited all year for the time where freaks like us get to rise up, cover ourselves in fake blood, and scare the dickens out of men, women, and children alike. And just like that, it’s over far too soon!

sad pumpkin

Not to worry though, because people like us eat, sleep, and breathe Halloween 365 days a year. Sure, maybe you get a little bummed and turn into a zoned out candy-munching zombie for a few days. That’s reasonable.  But after a week of watching your jack-o-lanterns rot on the porch, you’re up late at night, hidden under the covers with a flashlight, reading your FrightProps catalog. (more…)

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FrightProps Buys A Halloween Hearse



We’ve got a few new things at FrightProps. Our haunted house prop fabricators, Max and Grant, acquired a new kitten which they have named “Hashtag” – although they insist its name is just “#”. Our famous shop dog, Kensey, received a custom made giant piece of toast to wear. Meanwhile, our Creative Director, Scott, did what he always does and ordered something super gross in a jar off the internet. I also saw some small plaques in his office, leading me to believe he may be making more morbid taxidermy soon.


However, the most exciting of all is the brand new addition to the FrightProps fleet of vehicles – bringing the grand total to a whopping TWO! Yes, that’s right – the rumors are true: FrightProps has purchased a hearse to accompany our pick-up truck. (more…)

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Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus: A FrightProps Wrap-Up


We had a totally insane, crazy, phenomenal, outstanding time at Midwest Haunters Convention! We got to hang out with a lot of our favorite customers and show off what we feel are the greatest haunted house props in the entire world. We also got to stuff our faces with burgers and beer. Let’s do a little recap, shall we?



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FrightProps Invades Midwest Haunters Convention!


The time has come again for us to unleash our unique brand of scares, fears, and frights upon our Midwest home! Come join four of your favorite FrightProps freaks on June 7th and 8th in Columbus, OH and check out our second biggest booth of all the conventions!

midwest haunters


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How to Paint a Latex Prop or Mask: The FrightProps Method


Salutations, haunted house and horror enthusiasts of the world! Today on the FrightProps blog, we’ve got an update from our master Creative-brainy-dude, Scott! In this post, Scott goes through the step-by-step process of painting our Skinned Chimp prop using some of FrightProps’ latex paints. So strap on your brain-helmets and prepare your spongy brain for maximum absorption.

Take it away, Scott!


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