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cat in battle armor

Ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate the beginning of the work week, we have a very exciting Monday announcement for you! After much deliberation and consulting our official Halloween think-tank, FrightProps is revolutionizing the way we we do business!

You see, running a company that provides Halloween decorations, pneumatic props, fake blood, and all the nuts and bolts in between isn’t easy. And it especially isn’t easy to do without some sort of terms and conditions.

Being as how we’re people and we know you’re people too (or computer literate ghosts, mummies, or zombies at least), we recognize the need to have a liberal return policy. In fact, we feel it’s so important that we even have an entire section of our site devoted to it.

Recently, we received an Email from a customer who purchased ten wigs from us. We informed her that we do not accept returns on costumes – her reply, of course, was that we didn’t specify WIGS. This, of course, created inner turmoil across the Halloween and haunted house community. Message boards ignited with talk of whether or not a wig was considered to be a costume. Facebook threads exploded with pictures of cats in battle armor and important philosophical questions like, “what truly is a costume?” I mean, in theory, you could wear one of our fine tentacle props on your head and cut yourself out of our return policy, right?



So ultimately, what we decided is that wigs are costumes, man. But as you can see in this picture, we took the return anyway. But no more! To officialize it, we’ve updated our policy on our site to read “masks, costumes, or wigs”.

There you have it, folks. The longest and silliest announcement on product returns you’ve ever seen. Keep on haunting in the free world, folks.

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