Bloodthirsty Thursdays at FrightProps!

We’re proud to unveil one of our most fiendish plots to conquer the world with Halloween horrors: BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAYS! We’ll feature a new prize every Thursday – sometimes we’ll have a huge coffin full of haunted house accessories while other weeks, we’ll give away something awesome like a shock mat, masks or nano spots!

To learn more, drop by our social media pages every Thursday and follow the instructions to enter! Entries will be accepted until Friday at 4pm Central Standard Time! Don’t forget to increase your chance of winning – each social media channel offers you another entry into our drawing!

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To celebrate our first week of giveaways, we’ve got a totally insane prize pack of the following goodies! (Sorry, coffin is not included!)

FrightProps Catalog, Patch, Screwdriver, FrightProps T-Shirt, Monster Skull Mask, Scent Distribution System, Scent Cup: Gasoline, Motor, 12v 5amp Power Supply, Female Power Adapter, 12 Volt Hook Up Kit, Monster Eyes w/ Battery Pack: Red, Flash Cracker, Shock Mat and a Sliced Pig Prop!

Keep your eyes on our blog and our social media channels for a chance to win some creepy prizes every Bloodthirsty Thursday!

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