Attention Haunters! All Nano Spots 50% for a Limited Time!

WARNING: The following is an advertisement of EXTREME SAVINGS. We’ve got prices so low on our award-winning nano-spots, you’ll think we’ve gone mad!

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 4.12.45 PM


Or maybe you’ve already realized we went mad a long time ago when we decided to devote ourselves to working in the haunted house industry. Either way, from today through January 31st, we’re dropping the price on our Nano Spots to only $4.99 each! That’s 50% off! Daaaaaaaang!


Need a refresher on what a Nano Spot is and why you need one? Check out our quick intro video below. It’s fun AND informative!



[Edit: We’ve received a few questions about the lights as to how bright they are and how many may be needed for specific purposes. We created the following video to shed a little light on the subject – pun intended.]

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