Adirondack Chair Scare: Animatronic Prop!

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 3.06.06 PM

Another stellar submission from one of our faithful customers! Youtube user Utube4Oscar created this mechanical monstrosity using our latex skinned head, skinned arms, and skinned leg props!

He also welded his own frame and outfitted it with some of FrightProps’ fine pneumatics! Our friend also cleverly hid a small air blaster under the chair to for an extra scare for those tough trick-or-treaters that puff their little chests out and pretend they’re unafraid of anything! We all know the type, right?

Tying the whole operation together, he uses a PicoBoo Plus to create his own brilliant animatronic creation!

For a brief overview of the inner-workings of this scary dude, check the video below!

That’s some quality freakery! If you have your own ghastly creations of your own to share, send us a link using our contact page!

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